Go To Trader Joe’s Now For Pumpkin Spice Cookie Butter


By Cooking Panda

Trader Joe’s always has cookie butters to choose from, but the pumpkin spice flavor is brand new!

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the innovative grocery store has added to our pumpkin spice obsession in the form of cookie butter.  According to Brand Eating, the cookie butter features a blend of crushed pumpkin, Pumpkin Joe-Joe’s Cookies, pumpkin puree, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Its purpose is to be a spreadable pumpkin pie in a jar. Yum!

Trader Joe’s explains the process of making cookie butter by saying they first start with cookies (as they do with all of their cookie butters), then they crush them up and blend them with real pumpkin puree. They’ve even left chunks of cookie in the cookie butter to pay tribute to the “oft-overlooked” pie crust.

This cookie butter provides that extra touch you need with your vanilla ice cream, or with your brownies or sugar cookies for dessert. Personally, I think I’d use it in any way I’d use Nutella. Just spread it right on toast! A 14-ounce bottle of Trader Joe’s new Pumpkin Spice Cookie Butter is only $3.69, which is to be expected at this affordable chain. Seriously, they always have the best selection and the best prices. Definitely my favorite place.

If you’ve never tried any cookie butter before, it’s a must. Especially since our diets fly out the window during the holiday season. What better time is there? Some of Trader Joe’s other cookie butters include: regular cookie butter made with speculoos cookies (a Belgian type of cookie), cocoa and regular mixed and crunchy. The cookies used have a timid gingerbread flavor. They are crushed and mixed with vegetable oil to create a spread. Cookie butter is said to resemble peanut butter in color and texture. Trader Joe’s says the difference between the regular cookie butter and the crunchy can be compared to the difference in creamy and crunchy peanut butters.

Try the new pumpkin spice flavor while it’s out, but I recommend also picking up one of the other flavors while you’re at it. That is, if you’re new to the whole experience. 

Sources: Brand Eating, Trader Joe's (2) / Photo Credit: Brand Eating

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This Homemade Cookie Butter Might Be The Ultimate Indulgence (Video)


By Cooking Panda

There is almost no end to the number of compliments that we could deservedly bestow on cookie butter. Not only is cookie butter the dessert to end all desserts—a spread made out of cookies that can be used to top everything from tarts to ice cream to more cookies—but it is so delicious that it makes peanut butter look like the ugly stepsister.

Whether you prefer the classic Biscoff Spread, or Trader Joe’s take on the decadent concoction, there’s no question that cookie butter is delicious. What you might not know, however, is that cookie butter is also surprisingly easy to make for yourself!

Luckily, we found an amazing video (below) showing how to do just that. It turns out that your favorite indulgence can be recreated using only three simple ingredients and a food processor—proving once and for all that there is nothing more perfect than cookie butter.

As the clip demonstrates, you can make cookie butter from any variety of crumbly, buttery cookies. Personally, we’ll be trying the recipe out on traditional Biscoff Cookies, classic shortbread cookies and salty peanut butter cookies!

Watch the video below for more inspiration, and don’t be afraid to experiment! After all, we can’t imagine that anything could possibly go wrong with a combination as delicious as cookies, butter, and sugar!

Source: BuzzFeedBlue/YouTube / Photo credit: The Newlywed Chefs

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