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How Much Would You Pay To Make Cold Brew Coffee In 10 Minutes? (Video)


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Have you ever wanted to make your very own glass of cold brew coffee in the comfort of your own kitchen? Could you imagine being able to brew it in 10 minutes instead of 12 hours, faster than you could walk, run, or drive to your favorite coffee shop?

FirstBuild, a co-creation community that aims to lessen the gap between “the maker movement and real marketable products,” has developed Prisma Cold Brew Coffee (video below), as reported by EnGadget.

“My wife loves cold brew,” said Justin Brown, a senior design engineer at FirstBuild who’s also the inventor behind Prisma Cold Brew Coffee, previously known as the Pique. “But we found it very difficult to plan the night before in order to make it.”

Brewing at low temperatures extracts subtle, flavorful notes within the coffee grounds while leaving much of the bitterness behind, which has made cold brew coffee a popular beverage among coffee connoisseurs and casual coffee drinks alike.

However, cold brew coffee typically takes 12 hours or more to make, as coarse ground coffee is steeped in water in the refrigerator or on a counter. By using a vacuum infusion process, Prisma Cold Brew Coffee has developed a way to drastically reduce the time to 10 minutes.

“It’s basically an infusion process,” said Taylor Dawson, a “product evangelist” with FirstBuild. “Vacuum infusion is actually pretty commonly used in other industries; we’re not reinventing the wheel here.”

As traditional cold brew is generally made with coarse ground coffee, Prisma Cold Brew Coffee is created with a finer ground.

“The grind needs to be fine,” says Brown. “You need a lot of surface area of coffee to water, to increase the extraction.”

Furthermore, both traditionally-made cold brew as well as the innovative Prisma appliance need to be manually stirred.

Developed in collaboration with Sunergos Coffee, the quality of coffee brewed using Prisma has even pleased some of the toughest critics at Coffee Fest Dallas.

Over $83,000 has been raised so far towards Prisma’s Indiegogo campaign. As the appliance plans to retail at $299, the super early bird package is offering its backers a chance to obtain this innovative machine with a $70 discount.

Sources: IndieGogo, EnGadget / Photo credit: CNET

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Dunkin’ Donuts Is Testing Out ‘Fancier’ Breakfast Items (Photos)


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After a year of diminished sales, Dunkin’ Donuts is testing out some breakfast dishes that are more elaborate than the typical doughnut and coffee meal. Sales, traffic, and shares of Dunkin’ has decreased over the past two quarters, so the fast food breakfast chain is trying to spark up its typical menu and appeal to new customers.

A Chicken And Waffle Sandwich is being tested at restaurants throughout Tampa and Gainesville, Florida.

The sandwich, which consists of two Belgian waffles, breaded chicken, and maple butter, is not the first attempt that a chain has made to implement the classic southern breakfast into the menu, as noted by Business Insider. 

In August 2014, Chick-fil-A tried to add a dish with a waffle, boneless breaded chicken cutlet, maple syrup, and honey to their menu at restaurants in Georgia. Later that year, a similar dish that consisted of McGriddle pancakes and Mighty Wings chicken was spotted at a McDonald’s in California.

Another sandwich will also be tested in a few locations throughout the nation, the Belgian Waffle Breakfast Sandwich. This item adds a new twist to the typical breakfast sandwich, as it has bacon, eggs, and American cheese paired with two Belgian waffles and maple butter. 

It will be available at participating restaurants in Cleveland and Youngstown, Ohio, Tampa and Gainesville, Florida, and Providence, Rhode Island.

Cold Brew Coffee will be tested in various Dunkin’ Donut restaurants in Springfield, Massachusetts, and Portland and Bangor, Maine.

Of all the new items, cold brew coffee is the mostly likely to go national.

Sausage Bites, individual pieces of breaded breakfast sausage with a portion of syrup, will be tested out at various locations in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Large Kolache will be tested at participating restaurants in Houston and Austin, Texas.

A twist on the classic pig in a blanket, this item consists of sausage and cheese inside sweet dough.

Sources: The Street, Business Insider / Photo Credit: Spoiled NYC, The Street

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