This Shop Gives You Super Cheap Coffee For Being Polite (Photo)


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Put yourself in the shoes of a hurried barista, met with impolite demands for skinny cappuccinos and piping-hot lattes without so much as a “hi.” If one kind (or reasonably well mannered) soul greeted you and asked for a drink with a smile and a “thank you,” you’d probably want to give them their frappuccino for free — with a little extra whipped cream.

In a way, a Virginia coffee shop is doing just that.

Roanoke-based Cups Coffee & Tea put up a sign offering cheaper coffee to polite customers — and wildly expensive brew to less gracious customers, Foodbeast reports (photo below).

Customers who can’t be bothered to courteously greet their coffee-providing barista — or to at least ask for their beverage nicely — may purchase a small coffee for the steep price of $5. Those who extend their kindness so far as to say “please,” just like Mother taught them, will pay $2 less. 

But the real treat comes to those who preface their order with a “Hello,” and finish it with a “please,” as if their barista were some sort of fellow human being worthy of basic respect. The audacity! Those customers will pay just $1.75.

It’s amazing how far not being a rude oaf can get you.

Cups’ sly whiteboard work isn’t just a clever way to remind people to get off their high horses and treat each other nicely; it’s a signal that people forget their manners around service professionals far too often. If they didn’t, why did Cups feel the need to put up the sign?

In a “Dear Amy” column for the Chicago Tribune, a disgruntled barista asked readers to think about how they treat employees at their favorite caffeine-centric hangouts. 

“We work hard to dispense whatever luxury item they are paying us for,” the barista wrote. “All we ask is in return is for a little common courtesy and respect.”

Next time you find yourself going on a coffee run on a tough day, think of Cups and their lovely reminder to exercise a little common courtesy. After all, they could just choose to spit in your macchiato.

Source: Foodbeast / Photo credit: Pixabay

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Alton Brown Is Finally Giving Us A Coffee Shop!


By Cooking Panda

Alton Brown has hinted on Twitter that he wants to open a coffee shop in his hometown of Marietta, Georgia, which really has everyone buzzing.

Eater Atlanta reports that when they reached out for a comment, Brown confirmed but only in a vague manner. “It is my intention to open a coffee shop in Marietta, Ga., though I’m not at a point where I can release any details,” he told them via email. “I can tell you this — no, no, I’ve said too much already.”

He’s leaving us all on the edge of our seats here! We do have access to our fair share of Alton Brown’s recipes through his “EveryDayCook” cookbook, which means most of us (the fans, at least) know what his style and capabilities are. Brown told AJC that his cookbook is different from his normal recipe style, because it covers only what he likes to eat when he’s hungry. It’s a simpler, more everyday version of good eats. That’s the type of stuff you’d see in a cafe, right? I’m just trying to get ahead of the curve in figuring out what to expect.

The Marietta Daily Journal has its own thoughts on the idea, and asks a very relevant question: “Would a celebrity coffee shop in Marietta work?” Good point. The Journal reports that the town’s local shops were worried about their business waning when a Starbucks moved in. How do they feel about a celebrity setting up shop?

The mayor has an optimistic outlook, however, mentioning that the Starbucks didn’t hurt the business of their local “Cool Beans” at all, because it reaches an entirely different audience. He says he thinks Brown would have something new to offer customers, something with a twist.

When Councilman Philip Goldstein was also asked, he agreed that another coffee shop could work in Marietta. Well, there we have it, I guess! Alton Brown may be opening a coffee shop in his hometown, and we’re expecting it to have a twist to set it apart from the others. Perhaps being owned by a celebrity offers that twist already?

Sources: Eater, AJC, Marietta Daily Journal / Photo Credit: Ozgur Ascioglu/Instagram

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