9 Pizza Recipes For The Disney Fan Inside Us All


By Cooking Panda

Who doesn’t get a little nostalgic when watching a Disney movie, or seeing old photos of family vacations to Disney World? At the very least, who doesn’t like pizza?

For those of us who enjoy Disney, young and not-so-young, new blockbusters and old favorites, experiment in the kitchen with these creative pizzas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert!

1. Fantasia – Mickey Mouse Dessert Pizza

This strawberry and blueberry creamy dessert will delight kids of all ages.

2. Cinderella – Pumpkin Pesto Flatbread

The blend of pumpkin, pesto, and fresh mozzarella will make you want to rush to the kitchen before the clock strikes midnight!

3. Tangled – Cast Iron Skillet Pizza

No need to smack Flynn Rider over the head with this cast iron skillet…use it to create a wonderfully flaky pizza crust, instead!

4. Inside Out – Disgust’s Broccoli Pizza

Looks like broccoli pizza can be delicious, after all!

5. Toy Story – Nutella Breakfast Pizza

If you can’t make it to Pizza Planet for dinner, whip up this fruit-filled, Nutella treat for breakfast instead!

6. Aladdin – Magic Carpet Flatbread Pizza

Take your taste buds on a magic carpet ride with this mixture of hummus, raisins, and dates.

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas – Pizza Bagel Wreaths

Similar to Disneyland’s Man-Eating Wreath…eat them before they eat you!

8. Up – Rainbow Pizza

Although you may not have dozens of colorful balloons attached to your roof, don’t let that stop you from enjoying a colorful dish inside your home kitchen!

9. Ratatouille – Super Cheesy French Bread

Pretend you’re in France as you pick the perfect baguette for this cheesy meal!

Sources: Babble, Disney Family, Disney Inspired / Photo Credit: Babble, Disney Family, Disney Inspired

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