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Chick-fil-A’s New Sandwich Has A Surprising (But Delicious) Ingredient

Woman Finds Rodent In Chick-fil-A Sandwich, Files Lawsuit (Photo)


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In November of 2016, a woman claimed she nearly bit into a dead rodent baked into her Chick-fil-A sandwich. Today, her lawyer is seeking $50,000 for the “physical and psychological injuries” she’s endured since the incident, according to Philly.

Philadelphia woman Ellen Manfalouti said she was ready to dig into her chicken sandwich on a lunch break when she “felt something funny on the bottom of the bun.”

“I turned it over,” she told Philly. “I said to [my coworker], ‘They burned my roll really bad,'” throwing it onto the table.

That’s when her coworker, Cara Phelan, realized the mysterious object in Manfalouti’s bun was not a burnt spot, but a rodent.

“I could see the whiskers and the tail,” she said.

Manfalouti’s lawyer, Bill Davis, recently filed a lawsuit against the owner of the franchise (and the store itself) that sold the sandwich, as both parties had for months “stonewalled” his attempts to resolve the issue. The restaurant chain pushed the blame onto the franchise, which blamed the bun-supplying bakery, which denied responsibility.

Both the owner and Chick-fil-A declined Philly’s requests for information during the ongoing investigation.

Davis conducted a lab report to confirm that Manfalouti’s sandwich indeed contained a rodent that had likely been baked into the bun. The team’s lawsuit says the defendants were negligent and “failed to have proper procedures in place to inspect their own food products before selling them to customers.”

The bulk of their defense, though, stems from the “nausea,” trouble eating and “anxiety” Manfalouti claims to have sustained over the last nine months. She went to a medical center the day she nearly ate the rodent-rich sandwich. She later was given a prescription for her nausea and saw a psychologist for her anxiety.

“I had anxiety and nightmares, which I still do,” she said. “The first month was really rough.”

While many people do indeed have legitimate and debilitating fears of rodents, it’s possible that Manfalouti may have exaggerated her rat-related trauma to win the case. Some readers humorously pointed out the irony of her complaints.

“Eating a dead animal, yet complaining about eating a dead animal,” one reader commented on Philly’s article. Others gave this observation the thumbs up, noting that in many cultures, cooked rodents are a fine delicacy.

“And it was still better than the McRib,” another commenter said of the rat sandwich.

“Eat More Rodent,” a business-savvy user offered as the chain’s new slogan. 

Someone had Manfalouti’s back, though.

“Hey. I am scared to death of rodents. I go full panic attack when one is around, let alone if one was in my sandwich. This is very traumatic for some of us LOL,” they wrote.

Source: Philly / Featured Image: Jay Reed/Flickr / Embedded Image: Philly

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KFC Is Launching A Chicken Sandwich Into Space


By Cooking Panda

One small step for man, one giant leap for chicken sandwiches? 

As part of a marketing campaign, KFC will be launching its Zinger sandwich into the stratosphere, on a high-flying balloon developed by World View Enterprises, an Arizona company.

World View Enterprises is planning to use this technology to send people on balloons into the stratosphere, where they will be high up enough to see Earth’s curvature and the darkness of space while even enjoying a few cocktails, according to the New York Times.

Basically, it’s a cooler, much more expensive version of Google Earth. Although World View has not said when it hopes these trips could begin, the company is taking reservations at $75,000.

But the first tourist to enjoy this scenic flight will be not be a wealthy traveler or an adventure-minded businessperson, but rather a spicy fried chicken sandwich.

Yep. You read that right. 

The Zinger, created by KFC in 1984, is a spicy, hand-breaded fried chicken sandwich. Although it’s sold in more than 120 countries, it wasn’t available in the U.S. until spring of 2017.

The concept of this marketing campaign is the dual launch of the Zinger both in the U.S. and in the stratosphere, said George Felix, KFC’s director of advertising, according to the New York Times.

When World View was approached with the idea, it was finishing up development of high-flying balloons it calls stratollites.

“As you can imagine, when we first heard about it, we laughed our heads off,” Jane Poynter, World View’s chief executive, said to the New York Times. “And when we picked ourselves off the floor, we actually thought it was really, really cool.”

The sandwich will be sent up as part of the stratollite’s demonstration flight. If all goes well, the balloon should stay in flight for at least four days.

Don’t worry though, there won’t be any aliens around to steal the sandwich. The balloon doesn’t  travel high enough to reach the 62-mile threshold considered the edge of space.

This would have been a great stunt during the Cold War. 

I know the U.S. already landed on the moon and everything, but sending a KFC sandwich up to space would really have been the icing on the cake (or the mayo on the Zinger).

“Are you really sending the Zinger sandwich into space?” begins an exchange on the FAQ page of KFC’s Zinger01 website.

“Yes. Yes we are?”



If you still don’t believe it, you’ll be able to watch the stratollite launch at kfcin.space. 

Sources: New York Times, KFC Zinger01 / Photo credit: Dezidor/Wikimedia Commons

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Chick-Fil-A Is Honoring Houston With A Food Truck!


By Cooking Panda

The Chick-fil-A food truck project in Washington, D.C., launched in 2012, must have been a success, since the chicken sandwich experts are now rolling out a new food truck in Houston.

The Houston Chronicle reports that on Dec. 15, the brand new food truck will hit the streets. It won’t have the iconic cows on it, like the old D.C. truck does, but it will have the name of the brand of which we are so familiar. If you’re located in the Houston area, don’t worry about not being able to identify it. You’ll easily recognize that bright red cursive logo.

So, why Houston? The city actually has 74 Chick-fil-A locations, and two of which are the busiest locations in the entire country. The fact that Houston is obviously full of fried chicken and waffle fry fanatics probably has everything to do with this location choice. Chick-fil-A is still looking at specific options around the city for the food truck location, so keep your eyes peeled if Houston’s your city.

The truck itself will have a limited menu, consisting only of the absolute essentials. That is, the original chicken sandwich, the spicy chicken sandwich, waffle fries, a couple of cold menu items and sweet and unsweetened iced teas and lemonade to drink. What more do you really need?

Chick-fil-A’s food truck experiment hit the streets on a practice run in July of 2012 in Washington, D.C., according to Eater DC. That truck is called the Chick-fil-A mobile and it was first posted at a stop in Farragut North in the District. The limited menu introduced at this truck stop was a bit more expanded than the Houston truck is offering, but, to be fair, Washington doesn’t have as many Chick-fil-A brick-and-mortar restaurants as Houston does, so these customers would undoubtedly have to go farther out of their way if they were craving nuggets instead of the sandwiches.

Anyway, it’s important to note that this proves that the truck can offer more … when it’s good and ready. Here’s hoping Houston residents can get nuggets and soda soon, too!

Sources: Houston Chronicle, Eater DC / Photo Credit: Chick-fil-A, Inc./Instagram

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‘Super Size Me’ Director Is Opening A Fast Food Chain


By Cooking Panda

Remember Super Size Me? The documentary that made us never want to eat fast food again? Well that movie’s director is now opening his own fast food restaurant.

According to Mediaite, Morgan Spurlock’s restaurant, Holy Chicken!, is using humanely raised and natural food sources, as opposed to the processed food at McDonald’s that he is so well-known for attacking in his Oscar-winning movie.

Holy Chicken! will open Saturday, Nov. 19, in Columbus, Ohio. And according to a company statement, “Everything about the food is made and backed with integrity and openness including closing the loop in sustainability by raising our own chickens. The food is not only hormone free, its antibiotic free, cage free, free range, farm raised, humanely raised and 100 percent natural!”

As you can see in the picture above, the sandwich Spurlock is holding looks like a friend chicken sandwich. Isn’t that still unhealthy for us, even if it is organic? IndieWire reports that the signature sandwich is called “The Grilled Crispy Chicken Sandwich,” which I’ll admit is a bit confusing. Is it grilled chicken or is it crispy (fried)?

There is also a featured kids meal, called “Lil’ Cluckers Chicken Tenders,” which is also locally sourced and humanely raised, along with natural and locally sourced beverages.

If you didn’t know, the movie Super Size Me basically made everyone decide to never eat fast food again (which clearly wasn’t serious), and pushed McDonald’s to eliminate its “Supersize” option altogether.

While I (like many others, I’m sure) appreciate the new farm-to-table approach, and hope that Spurlock can convince the fast food industry that fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy, I’m not entirely sold on his approach. After all, fried chicken is still fried chicken. I’m sure if someone came and ate his new sandwich for 30 days, like he did to McDonald’s, that person would probably gain a few extra pounds, heightened blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well. Either way, I can admit it’s a step in the right direction, and hopefully an expanded menu (over time) will reflect this.

Sources: Mediaite, IndieWire / Photo Credit: Holy Chicken/Instagram

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