Get Your Free 10-Piece Chicken Nuggets from Wendy’s All of September

Now Hiring: Chicken Nugget Connoisseur


By Cooking Panda

Not too many people work in a profession they would call their “passion.” Your dream job would not have you prying your eyelids open during weekly meetings, taking luxurious bathroom breaks, counting tiles in the breakroom ceiling, or sneaking out a few minutes too early to escape the 40-hour-a-week drudgery.

But if you’re up to a new challenge this year, the retail store B&M just might have the job for you (unless you’re a vegetarian). Keep reading.

B&M posted a job opening for a “Chicken Nugget Connoisseur” on the company’s website, according to Metro. The website is calling on all hungry individuals with a bona fide passion for chicken nuggets to provide feedback on fresh and frozen food products. The role appears simple: eat and talk about what you ate.

But not all chicken-tasters are created equal. To be a cut above the rest, applicants must have “relevant experience,” including a ferocious appetite for chicken nuggets. Qualified experience, according to B&M’s website, means “getting the 20 share of nuggets from McDonald’s and keeping them all for yourself.” If you are the first one in the kitchen when someone shouts “Cake!” you’re also qualified for this coveted position; continue reading.

The qualifications for Chicken Nugget Connoisseur all sound obscure, vague and very likely applicable to most of the human population (don’t kid yourself). Who hasn’t gone to an event because there would be free food? Or entered into a lengthy debate on curly fries versus regular fries? This job is for the Everyman, the poor soul concealed by gray cubicles and photocopies.

If hired as Chicken Nugget Connoisseur, you’ll take on a temporary, part-time role eating nuggets. Although B&M does not offer a benefits package, medical, dental, paid time off, and the likes, you can say, at least, that you were paid in B&M vouchers to eat chicken nuggets.

Successful candidates, as per the company’s site, will receive monthly vouchers to spend at the store. B&M is currently only accepting U.K. applicants who submit a CV and cover letter explaining why they deserve this opportunity.

Sources: Metro, B&M Stores / Featured Image: Calgary Reviews/Flickr

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Help This Guy Win A Year’s Worth Of Wendy’s Nuggets (Photo)


By Cooking Panda

Look, I’m sure you have better things to do with your time, but just in case you don’t, you could be wiling away the minutes by helping this guy achieve his dream of receiving a year’s supply of Wendy’s chicken nuggets.

I’m not endorsing you to help this man; I’m just saying you could if you wanted to.

Basically, Mashable reports that a man named Carter Wilkerson tweeted out to the fast food chain:

“Yo Wendy’s how many retweets for a year of free chicken nuggets?”

Wendy’s is sort of famous these days for totally slaying the Twitter game, and replied cheekily back to Wilkerson that he needed 18 million retweets, and they’d reward him with his nugs.

“Consider it done,” Wilkerson replied.

Challenge accepted?

Of course, 18 million is an impossibly high number of retweets to receive. For context, do you remember the photo that Ellen DeGeneres took when she was hosting the Oscars? You know, that one selfie chock full of the most famous celebs cheesing it up in their gowns for the camera.

Yeah, that picture only received 3.2 million retweets, so Wilkerson never really had a chance.

However, that hasn’t stopped supporters from rallying behind his cause and tweeting at Wendy’s to give him his nuggets.

“Honestly has gotten way more RTs than we expected,” Wendy’s replied to the many tweets being sent their way, which seems to bode well for Wilkerson. Even if he doesn’t complete the initial challenge, it sounds like the fast food chain is willing to send him some sort of nuggety consolation prize, doesn’t it?

Do you think Wilkerson should receive free nuggets for his tweet? Or what do you think would be a fitting gift for him to get, if Wendy’s does decide to treat him to some freebies?

Sources: Mashable, Wendy's/Twitter / Photo Credit: Wendy's

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Fiance Goals: Man Proposes With Chicken Nuggets


By Cooking Panda

Food is a girl’s best friend. Just ask pizza, tacos, ice cream and …chicken nuggets. This guy was smart enough to know that, so take notes!

Lots of people get engaged on Valentine’s Day. What better time is there? But not everyone proposes with chicken nuggets. Popsugar reports that Kristian Helton proposed to his new fiance Karsyn with a box of chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. He put the ring into a nugget and wrote “Will you McMarry Me?” in the lid of the box. How adorable!

“She has devoted her life to chicken nuggets, so that had to be part of the engagement I mean it was just given,” Kristian told WAND 17 News. Karsyn reportedly goes to McDonald’s regularly, but only to get those McNuggets. I guess that’s what devoting your life to chicken nuggets means. Those other menu items don’t even get a second glance. Poor Big Mac.

The couple met in July of 2015 and exchanged numbers, then started dating the very next day. I wonder what their first meal together was. Probably not chicken nuggets. However, after two years of dating Karsyn says her “yes” was a no-brainer; “… he is obviously the one I want to spend my life with,” she said.

“I put the ring in the chicken nugget box, and I used the chicken nugget box as a ring box, then wrote ‘will you McMarry me’ in it and she was excited…I think more excited about the chicken nuggets,” Kristian explained.

Gentlemen, if you’re stressing over how to propose to your lady, consider her favorite foods. Does she love pizza? Great, it comes in a box already so write your message and stick a ring in there. Does she love ice cream? Make her a yummy dessert and put that ring on top. You don’t have to be too creative, just give her what she loves! “If you have a chicken nugget loving girlfriend then that’s how you should propose to her,” Kristian says. Take it from him. She said yes!

My ring better come in the top of a Big Mac, that’s all I have to say.

Sources: Popsugar, WAND 17 News / Photo Credit: McDonald's/Instagram

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Here’s How To Make A Giant McNugget (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Anyone who loves chicken nuggets will appreciate this cooking competition. Who can make the best giant chicken nugget?

Julia and JP of Hellthy Junk Food on YouTube face off against one another in the video below to see who can make the best giant chicken nugget. Julia takes inspiration from the boot-shaped McNugget of McDonald’s, while JP tries to have it all with a more Wendy’s-like nugget stuffed with McDonald’s nuggets.

Watching the difference in cooking methods is fascinating, to say the least. You won’t even realize seven minutes have passed. Julia is very measured and organized in her endeavor, while JP takes the more “fly by the seat of your pants” approach. At least, that’s how it appears to me. While Julia measures flour, and all sorts of different spices, like turmeric, allspice and chili powder, JP sticks to the essentials: flour, bread crumbs and egg. Interestingly, Julia dipped her nugget in egg as a last step before freezing her boot nugget. I didn’t see that coming, and I’ll bet that’s what ultimately made the difference between winning and losing. Or at least, made the difference between breading that stays intact, vs. JP’s breading, which fell off the nugget.

Julia’s nugget was also thinner and more firm once completed. It actually looked like a McDonald’s nugget.  A huge McNugget. JP’s idea of stuffing the large nugget with smaller ones probably caused his demise. At least, that’s my only guess for why his final product was squishing out weird pinkish juices? Spoiler alert.

Anyway, the real results are based on the taste-test. At least, that’s how I’d base it. In the end, Julia’s nugget looked a lot tastier. JP’s didn’t look too bad, but I just can’t get around the nuggets in the middle. I think that was a bad, and rather unappetizing, choice. Had he not stuffed the nugget, the competition would have at least been a bit closer. I liked the breadcrumbs in the batter idea, and felt that Julia should have used them as well. JP could have also made his a bit thinner, so that it would have stayed together better. Check out the video and decide for yourself:

Source: Hellthy Junk Food/YouTube / Photo Credit: Hellthy Junk Food/YouTube

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Tyson Foods Has Just Recalled Its Popular Chicken Nuggets


By Cooking Panda

Tyson Foods has announced a recall of more than 130,000 pounds of two of its chicken nugget products after learning some may be contaminated with extraneous pieces of hard plastic materials.

The recalled products include a five-pound bag of Tyson Fully Cooked Panko Chicken Nuggets and a 20-pound package of Spare Time brand Fully Cooked, Panko Chicken Nuggets, Nugget Shaped Chicken Breast Pattie Fritters With Rib Meat.

Both products have a production date of July 18. The Fully Cooked Panko Chicken Nuggets items have a “Best If Used By” date of July 18, 2017.

The recall is the result of customers reporting “foreign material” in a chicken nugget product.

“According to Tyson Foods, the plastic material ranged in size from 21mm in length and 6.5mm in diameter and may have come from a round, hard plastic rod used to connect a plastic transfer belt,” the USDA said in a statement. “The firm said the products pass through a metal detector, but the plastic is not detectable to this technology.”

Tyson urges customers to throw out potentially affected boxes or return them to their place of purchase for a full refund.

Tyson also urges anybody with additional concerns or questions to reach out to the company directly at 866-328-3156 or email

Source: USDA / Photo credit: USDA

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Campus Police Investigate Two-Dollar Bill Spent On Student’s Lunch


By Cooking Panda

Police were called after a teenager tried to pay for her school lunch with a $2 bill.

Danesiah Neal was given a $2 bill by her grandmother, Sharon Kay Joseph, to pay for her school lunch of chicken nuggets at Fort Bend Independent School District’s Christa McAuliffe Middle School in Houston, Texas.

“I went to the lunch line, and they said my $2 bill was fake,” she told KTRK. “They gave it to the police. Then they sent me to the police office. A police officer said I could be in big trouble.”

Danesiah was facing the possibility of third-degree felony charges. Over chicken nuggets. Frankly, I’ve never spent the few $2 bills I have for similar concerns.

Officials from the school contacted her grandmother to get her side of the story.

“She’s never in trouble, so I was nervous going in there,” Joseph recalled.

“‘Did you give Danesiah a $2 bill for lunch?'” she was asked. “He told me it was fake,” she said.

In order to determine whether the $2 bill was counterfeit, a campus officer went to the convenience store where Joseph got the bill, then to a bank to examine it officially.

All this over $2 chicken nuggets? I imagine at least $2 of gas was wasted on this wild goose chase.

The bank stated that the bill was real. As the bill was printed in 1953, it was too old for the school’s counterfeit pen.

“He didn’t apologize,” Joseph said of the officer. “He should have, and the school should have because they pulled Danesiah out of lunch, and she didn’t eat lunch that day because they took her money.”

Joseph said the entire incident was “very outrageous.” Personally, I can’t help but agree. 

“There was no need for police involvement,” she said. “They’re charging kids like they’re adults now.”

Source: KTRK / Photo credit: Fresher

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