Jersey Mike’s Is Donating All Proceeds To Charity Today


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If you are a fan of big, filling subs and also helping out others in need, then Jersey Mike’s is just the place to patronize on this fine Wednesday. The company has announced that on March 29, more than 1,200 Jersey Mike’s Subs restaurants nationwide will donate 100 percent of all sales to fund neighborhood needs.

Now that is chowing down for a good cause!

“On March 29, Day of Giving, we give to give by donating 100 percent of sales to our nearly 150 partner charities nationwide,” Peter Cancro, founder and CEO, said on the Jersey Mike’s website. “The opportunities to give are all around us so please seek out your opportunity to give and make a difference in someone‚Äôs life.”

Perhaps this is all pretty unsurprising, given that Jersey Mike’s mission has been “Giving…making a different in someone’s life,” ever since the chain launched.

Partners that Jersey Mike’s will be giving to include schools, youth organizations, food banks, schools and more.

You can find a list of the participating restaurants and charity partners here.

Last year, Jersey Mike’s raised more than a whopping $4 million for local charities nationwide; this year, the company hopes to totally surpass that last figure, and it needs your help!

The best part is that the more you order, the more Jersey Mike’s gives, so if you’re feeling extra hungry at the moment, this is the day to reward yourself with fresh sliced and fresh grilled subs.

Proceeds from every single sale — we’re talking chips, drinks, catering orders and subs — go to charity for the promotion.

Source: Jersey Mike's / Photo Credit: Jersey Mike's/Facebook

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Vatican McDonald’s Promises To Feed The Homeless


By Cooking Panda

A McDonald’s located on Vatican-owned property has partnered up with an organization to regularly offer free meals to the local homeless population.

Italy’s The Local reports that this particular McDonald’s, nicknamed “McVatican,” has sparked outrage among Italy’s population and people of the church for proceeding to build its restaurant on Vatican-owned property. However, those same cardinals who called the McDonald’s’ actions “controversial and perverse” might be singing a different tune in the near future. After all, the fast food giant is behaving quite charitably, and who can complain about that?

The McVatican (I guess that’s going to stick) is collaborating with the Medicine Solidale (Solidarity Medicine) charity in order to carry out this new idea, and the director of the organization, Lucia Ercoli, seems to be thrilled. She said that the McDonald’s responded “promptly” to her request for this service, and that she was “very satisfied with this agreement.”

“It is truly a small drop in an ocean of things being done by so many other associations, by so many people who spend their time helping others,” she told Vatican Radio.

The details of the charitable services involve handing out more than 1,000 meals at lunchtime, beginning on Jan. 16, 2017. Lunches will consist of a double cheeseburger, apple slices and a bottle of water.

According to Catholic News, this Monday lunch will be handed out for 10 Mondays in an effort to open dialog with the people of Italy about expanding more in the future. Ercoli’s organization has long been in collaboration with the papal almoner in working to help the homeless in areas such as medical care and nutrition. Bringing McDonald’s into this mix should surely help everyone involved. If this fast food chain wants to be welcomed into Italy so badly, I would imagine this is the best way to get the country to open its arms.

“With these meals, we’ll make a significant leap in providing so many women and men who live on the street in this neighborhood the possibility of a meal that will guarantee a suitable intake of proteins and vitamins for them,” Ercoli said. These efforts are truly admirable, and I’m rooting for the golden arches.

Sources: The Local, Catholic News / Photo Credit: Poland Europe/Instagram

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This Restaurant Cooked A 100-Pound Burger To Prove A Valuable Point


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Creating absurdly giant versions of normal foods — for absolutely no reasons other than that “we can” and there’s nothing impressive about sensible portions anymore — has become something of a sport in the restaurant world. Eateries celebrate milestones not with free fries or specially decorated pancakes, but with ice-cream scoops big enough to cover football fields or 10,000-pound bowls of spaghetti.

While people literally employ cranes and tractors to make more food than anyone could want, ever, Maine restaurant owner Ben Grant shakes his head and sighs for the wasteful ways of modern humanity. So he decided to make a 100-pound cheeseburger, according to Grub Street.

Ah, the plot thickens: The burger didn’t go to waste, and its proceeds went to charity.

Grant’s restaurant Dirigo Public House celebrated its first anniversary in late July by good naturedly making fun of customers and their incessant desire for food to “go bigger.”

“Everybody’s like, ‘Haha the burgers are really good; you should go bigger,'” Grant told NBC Nightly News. “It seems inappropriate… to do something that is excessive as this without some sort of community giveback.”

The guy’s got a point, considering many people can’t afford the luxury of eating out, much less, you know, casually consuming dozens of pounds of beef for dinner.

The restaurant’s celebratory sandwich consisted of a 70-pound patty (cooked almost perfectly medium), accompanied by a giant homemade bun and 30 pounds of lettuce, tomato and ketchup. Ticket-holding customers got pieces of the burger, and some of the proceeds went to the Good Shepherd Food Bank.

More than 50 people showed up to Dirigo’s anniversary event and devoured the burger until only a bit was left over, according to their Facebook page.

Gluttony, apparently, can do some good.

Source: Grub Street / Photo credit: Dirigo Public House/Facebook

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