Get Free Champagne From A Fancy Vending Machine


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It’s a dream come true … free bottles of champagne, vending machine style. What could be better?

According to Metro News, All Bar One unveiled this free vending machine for a grand opening party. The machine carried Moet and Chandon champagnes in mini bottles for thirsty party guests. Of course, there had to be a catch, because that machine would have run out pretty quickly otherwise. The deal was that All Bar One staff members were to select party-goers at random to use the machine.

All you had to do was go up and press a button, and voila, there’s wine! The machine can hold up to 350 bottles of wine, and you don’t even have to worry about them being shaken up by the machine. Once you hit the button for champagne, a robotic arm gently plucks the bottle from the shelf and puts it into the dispenser where you can reach it. What a time to be alive!

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Mirror reports that “Strictly Come Dancing” star Laura Whitmore hosted the relaunch party at this bar in London’s Leicester Square. Maybe that’s why the lavish champagne vending machine was so spot-on and necessary. However, my view is that a wine machine is always spot-on and necessary. Especially when it’s free.

Although the machine was only available for a short time, we’re all hoping to see it again soon. Why wouldn’t it catch on? It must have brought a lot of business to All Bar One.

The bar itself, All Bar One, will be open to the public from November 6th from breakfast to dinner to December 6th, in case you’re in the area during that time and want to stop in. The relaunch celebrated the establishment’s major refurbishment and fancy new bar and cocktail masterclass space on its first floor. Sounds like a celebration worthy of the free champagne.

My only question is this: When will we get to see these vending machines in our U.S. cities? They don’t have to be strictly at bars … I wouldn’t mind seeing them in parks and other public places. Of course, there’d have to be some sort of age verification…

Sources: Metro UK, Mirror / Photo Credit: All Bar One via Metro UK

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You Better Stock Up On Champagne Because A Shortage Is Coming


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A Champagne shortage of historic proportions is coming.

After several months of bad weather, mildew, and rot, the world’s supply of Champagne will be dramatically impacted for the rest of the year. According to Decanter, 2016 was one of the lowest yielding Champagne seasons since the 1980s, and the most difficult season since 1956.

During the spring, late frosts affected the Cote des Bar region, which impacted a quarter of the world’s Champagne vineyards. Jean Pierre Fleury, a winemaker in Courteron, revealed that the frost resulted in a 70 percent loss of his possible harvest.

Furthermore, the Aube was later affected by hailstorms. Eventually, a mildew epidemic greatly altered the potential crop.

Olivier Horiot, grower and wine cultivator at Les Riceys, stated that the sub-region’s yield would probably be around 2,500 to 3,000 kg/hectare, a mere fraction of the 10,700 kg/hectare that was predicted in July.

Charles Philipponnat, General Manager at Champagne Philipponnat, said winemakers will need to “dig heavily” in their reserves in order to satisfy the 2016 yields.

In addition to poor weather, mildew and rot have significantly impacted this year’s crop. Although gray rot was not observed until the end of July, it quickly spread to 65 percent of the champagne vineyards.

Furthermore, 99 percent of vineyards observed had symptoms of mildew, and 34 percent had a 10 percent or higher loss in yield due to mildew. Additionally, in 4 percent of the vineyards more than 50 percent of crops were affected, according to Magister, an agronomic agency.

Champagne is not the only liquor that is experiencing an international shortage. According to CNN Money, the demand for fine Scotch has hit record highs, leading to a shortage that may last well over a decade.

“The shortage of old and rare single malt … has already started, and it’s going to get worse,” said Rickesh Kishnani, founder of world’s first whisky investment fund.

Although distillers are trying to increase production, Scotch takes several years to produce. By law, all Scotch whisky is required to be aged for at least three years.

“We are currently working at full capacity — seven days a week, 24 hours a day,” explained Charlie Whitfield, brand manager for Macallan. “We just need to be patient and allow those casks to work their magic.”

Sources: Decanter, CNN Money / Photo credit: Bloomberg

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8 Stupendously Refreshing Champagne Cocktails


By Cooking Panda

Sometimes you just need something bright, crisp and bubbly – and let’s face it, champagne is virtually never a bad choice when you’re drinking. In honor of Thirsty Thursday, we have some super refreshing, super delicious champagne cocktails you can make that will really delight you.

1. Champagne cocktail

Simply called the Champagne Cocktail, this is a classic. Bitters and sugar with a lemon twist really amp up the flavor and give champagne a completely new feel. You are more than welcome to float a tablespoon or so of good cognac on top!

2. Mimosa

Ah yes, the breakfast of champions. Consider adding Grenadine, Grand Marnier, or orange bitters for an exciting pop of flavor.

Similarly, you have the Bellini – Prosecco with peach puree – and the poinsettia – champagne with cranberry. The moral of the story? Mix champagne with fruit juice (grapefruit, anyone?) to your heart’s content. Want to know more about making the perfect mimosa? The link above has everything you want to know and more.

3. Death in the Afternoon

This wonderfully named drink was supposedly invented by Ernest Hemingway. His instructions say to drink three to five in one sitting, although we won’t judge you if you don’t heed his advice. Pretty tasty though.

4. Air Mail

airmail cocktail recipe

It seems that you can put rum, lime juice and honey in just about anything and it will taste good. Champagne is no exception.

5. French 75

You might have had this classic before at really fancy prohibition-style bars. Good news – it’s easy to make at home!

6. Black Velvet

Yes, you can absolutely mix beer and champagne, and it’s delicious and refreshing. You’ll want to use Guinness or a similar dry stout for the best flavor and texture combo.

7. Barbotage

Cognac (regular brandy works fine too) and Grand Marnier is a brilliant addition to your champagne glass – give it a try!

8. Atomic Cocktail

You might not think it, but vodka, brandy and sherry are great with Brut champagne. This is a great drink if you want something a little stronger, as it can really sneak up on you. Remember to keep the flavors balanced – if you use a sweeter brandy, go for a drier sherry and vice versa. Or, you know, whatever you have lying around.

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