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Treat Yourself To New Cadbury Chocolate-Covered Oreos (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

Oreos and Cadbury have teamed up for a smooth, crunchy treat you’ll want to devour as soon as you see it: Oreo cookies enrobed in creamy Cadbury milk chocolate.

Needless to say, social media users are quite pleased.

The catch? At the moment, Cadbury Coated Oreos are only available in Australia, according to PopSugar. If you live in the States, you’ll have to live vicariously through those Down Under with photos of the double-chocolate dessert. It’s cruel and unjust, but luckily there are ways to satisfy your craving for extra-indulgent chocolate sandwich cookies.

You could make your own Cadbury Coated Oreo dupes, so long as you melt your own Cadbury milk chocolate bars and dip Oreos, fondue-style, into the silky liquid. Even better, you can add custom designs with melted white chocolate or colorful icing. Here’s how to achieve perfect chocolate-dipped Oreos at home.

Thankfully, you are also free to order other ultra-chocolaty Oreo goods online, as this isn’t the first time Oreos and chocolate brands have created beautiful things together.

There’s the Milka Oreo Big Crunch Chocolate Candy Bar, available here. Crunchy Oreos are enrobed in luscious vanilla cream, then encased in a layer of milk chocolate.

Then there are Oreo Cadbury Creme Eggs, which are, you guessed it, familiar milk-chocolate eggs containing a true treasure: velvety cookies and cream filling. Snag a mini version here.

There is also the truly insane Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg ‘n’ Spoon with Oreo. The sugary contents are intended to be devoured with an included spoon until the consumer is left with a sweet egg to be eaten then or later. Order them immediately here

More of a baker than a buyer? You’ve got plenty of homemade, Oreo-rich dessert options, like our frozen Oreo peanut butter pie, featuring an Oreo crust with a peanut butter cream cheese filling that is sinfully bursting with peanut butter cups and chocolate chips. It’s chilled until set and finished with as much peanut butter as you dare to drizzle.

You can also get a head start on warming up for winter with our gooey Oreo lava cake. It’s made extra mouthwatering with Oreo pudding and an entire cup of chocolate chips.

Source: PopSugar / Featured Image: Kelly Bailey/Wikimedia Commons

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Jolly Rancher Pop-Tarts Are Hitting Shelves!


By Cooking Panda

I don’t know about you, but when I hear “Jolly Rancher,” I think of fruity deliciousness. I’ve never had anything with that name on it that wasn’t delicious. Now, we can Jolly Rancher Pop-Tarts!

According to Food & Wine, this flavor wasn’t much of a surprise. Instagram user JunkBanter posted about an upcoming Jolly Rancher-flavored Pop-Tart already. One post featured a picture of the frosted green apple Pop-Tart, and the other showed the frosted watermelon Pop-Tart flavor.

Along with the frosted green apple and watermelon flavors, there’s also frosted cherry. The possibility of other flavors as well exists, but these are the three we’re aware of.

So how will baked and frosted Jolly Ranchers for breakfast taste? Apparently, according to Cosmopolitan, exactly like Jolly Ranchers in a frosted pastry form. The flavors are reportedly accurate as far as comparison to the actual candy goes.

The Kellogg’s Pop-Tart brand is no stranger to crazy flavor ideas (who is, these days?). They’ve been known to debut some questionable products … like maple bacon Pop-Tarts. Or the Dunkin’ Donuts Vanilla Latte and Chocolate Mocha flavors. Remember the unicorn flavor? Just kidding. That one hasn’t happened … yet.

So, what do you think about essentially having candy for breakfast? In my humble opinion, Pop-Tarts weren’t far from being candy anyway. Maybe closer to a cookie, considering the baked and frosted nature of the “breakfast” food item. We already had classic strawberry and blueberry flavors. Can these Jolly Rancher Pop-Tart flavors really be much different than the fruit-filled kinds we already have?

The only way to know for sure is to try them yourself. If, like me, you are a huge fan of the Jolly Rancher brand, you’ll be glad to know that these Pop-Tarts are available starting NOW in most grocery stores throughout the U.S. Go and try your luck in finding them at your own local shopping spot. Just remember that they are a limited edition treat, so stock up on them while you can.

Sources: Thrillist, Cosmopolitan / Photo Credit: frankieleon/Flickr

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New M&M’s Ice Cream Bars Are On The Way!


By Cooking Panda

I scream you scream, right?

Summer is just around the corner, and M&M’s is here to help you stay cool and satisfied with its all new M&M’s Ice Cream Bars, featuring vanilla reduced-fat ice cream with M&M’s Milk Chocolate Candy pieces.

Can you say yum?

The Ice Cream Bars look very similar to your average candy bar, and are coated in creamy, smooth milk chocolate as well as chock full of the addicting, sugary candies.

“Building on the success of our M&M’S Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich, we are incredibly excited to introduce our fans to this innovative summer treat,” said Flip Block, the marketing director of Mars Ice Cream, in a press release.

Each 2.64-ounce bar, according to the press release, comes individually wrapped, and each box of the M&M’s bars comes with six treats for you to enjoy for almost every night of the week.

The boxes carry a suggested retail price of $3.99, but if you’re only in the mood for a single bar to satisfy your sweet tooth (and to keep your fitness and health levels in check) then you might be able to snag yourself one at certain retailers. The suggested price for a single bar varies, but should be around $1.79.

These are super tempting, because they’re clean, convenient and easy to transport; if you’re a fan of ice cream and the classic taste of M&M’s, this is sure to satisfy you.

What do you think of the new M&M’s item? Are you excited to indulge in them during summer?

Source: Mars Chocolate / Photo Credit: Hisham Binsuwaif/Flickr

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DIY Galaxy Rock Candy


By Cooking Panda

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Reese’s Crunchy Cookie Cups Are Coming!


By Cooking Panda

So many iconic snacks are the recipients of flavor upgrades every now and again.

For example, Oreos seems to unleash new flavor combinations weekly. Along with the classic Oreo iteration, we now have chocolate Oreos, peanut butter, red velvet, golden, lemon and mint ones just to name a few; there are so many more.

Additionally, brands like M&M’s come in an assortment of different flavors, such as the classic milk chocolate, as well as dark chocolate, peanut butter, white chocolate and more.

Few candies, in fact, have proven to have a classic enough flavor combination that they would be totally marred if the company changed that flavor profile.

Enter the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

The iconic combo of peanut butter and luxurious milk chocolate just isn’t one that needs any tampering; sure, there are the white chocolate and dark chocolate iterations, but a classic Reese’s Cup is truly the most popular and recognizable of all its products.

Perhaps that’s why rather than unleash a bunch of new flavors of Reese’s, the brand has cleverly just decided to deliver the same delicious taste in a different form.

Reese’s confirmed on March 9 that it will be releasing the Reese’s Crunchy Cookie Cup, which is a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup stuffed with a whole bunch of crunchy, chocolate cookie bits, which sounds delicious and rich if you ask me.

“You could say this combination is ‘cuptivating’,” Ryan Riess, senior brand manager of the Reese’s Brand, said in a press release. “Reese’s fanatics are one-of-a-kind. They have a love and devotion to the brand that is unlike anything I have ever seen, and have been buzzing at the potential thought of a new innovation from the brand. We’re excited to finally let the secret out of the bag and end the #Cupspiracy — announcing the new Reese’s Crunchy Cookie Cup. You could say we crushed it!”

You can pick up the new Reese’s Crunchy Cookie Cup on shelves nationwide starting in May 2017. The two standard-cup 1.5-ounce size will sell for $1.09, or the king two-cup Big Cup 2.8-ounce size for $1.79.

Source: Globe Newswire / Photo Credit: Reese's/Facebook

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M&M’s Newest Limited Edition Flavor Is Strawberry Nut


By Cooking Panda

What in the world would we do without the magnificent candy sleuth Instagram account called Candy Hunting?

Without them we would not even know that there is, in fact, big news out in the chocolate world, folks — namely that M&M’s has just released a brand spanking new flavor that looks absolutely delicious and is available at both Walmart and RiteAid.

Heck yes!

Introducing: The Strawberry Nut M&M’s, which is similar to last year’s limited-time Chocolate Covered Strawberry M&M’s flavor, only now has had an update and comes stuffed with peanuts.

“There’s a new addition to the flavored Peanut M&M’s lineup! Found these new Strawberry Nut M&M’s at Walmart!” reads the Candy Hunting Instagram post, which has received more than 3,700 likes as of March 7, 2017.

“Looks yummy, do they have a pb&j vibe?” one user asked, which is honestly our question too. M&M’s is constantly coming out with new flavors to appeal to the masses, and sometimes they are a hit, while other times they are a huge flop.

The thing is, nobody knows just how long these babies are going to stay on shelves. We can see by the packaging that the Strawberry Nut M&M’s are a limited-edition flavor, so head on over to a RiteAid or a Walmart near you ASAP in order to taste test the new flavor before they’re all sold out or potentially no longer sold at all!

Are you excited for the newest addition in the already illustrious M&M’s lineup? And if you’ve tried the new M&M’s, what is your opinion on the flavor? Let us know!

Source: Candy Hunting/Instagram / Photo Credit: Candy Hunting/Instagram

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Starburst Is Releasing All-Pink Flavor Bags In April!


By Cooking Panda

When it comes to bags of candy, everybody seems to have a favorite flavor or color depending on what they’re eating.

For instance, even though M&M’s all taste exactly the same, for some reason I have always favored the green ones over the rest of them — perhaps because of the way M&M’s have been anthropomorphized in advertising, or just because I think the color looks pretty.

Additionally, I am a huge fan of the red and purple skittles, while some of my friends swear that the yellow ones reign supreme.

For some reason, however, when it comes to Starburst, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of people who agree that the pink ones truly are the best flavor ever.

We don’t know why everybody always covets the pink ones, but they do — and Starburst has apparently taken notice of the fact, because the brand is celebrating pink Starburst in a major way.

Fans of pink Starburst will be pleased to know that Starburst is planning on releasing All Pink flavor packs in April 2017 for a limited time.

“On social media we’re seeing people talk about pink Starburst more than any other flavor; there’s even a meme about being treated ‘like a Pink Starburst,'” Matt Montei, senior director of confections at Wrigley, told Mashable. “The Pink conversation and fanfare has continued to grow so we decided to act.”

That means that you’ll be able to stop by a handful of retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger, Target, H-E-B and Meijer, and just pick up a bag of all-pink Starburst and head on your merry way.

Oh, and here’s the best part: The lazy among us can even order these special all-pink bags from Amazon! 

Will you be capitalizing on this all-pink opportunity come April?

Source: Mashable / Photo Credit: Starburst via Mashable

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This Guy Created A Machine To Sort Candy By Color (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Willem Pennings, a mechanical engineering student at Eindhoven University in the Netherlands, is known for his engineering projects, which he enjoys working on in his free time. He is proud to say that some of them have even reached the front pages of Reddit and Imgur. I guess you can say Pennings knows what’s up when it comes to making cool stuff.

His latest project is a candy sorting machine that sorts M&M’s and Skittles according to color (video below). Pennings says that he’s always wanted to do a project like this one for sorting colored candy, and that one YouTube video provided the inspiration needed to make it happen. The candy sorter in that video looks just a little different from Pennings’ version, but the idea is the same.

In his blog, Pennings describes how he created his own machine using an Arduino controller, stepper motors, an RGB color sensor and 3D printed parts. He goes on to explain how the machine actually works, sorting M&M’s and Skittles by obtaining optical measurements using the RGB color sensor. The machine sorts about two pieces of candy per second, and usually makes it through a whole bag in two to three minutes.

So, here’s how it works. Candy pieces are poured into the “hopper,” which is the funnel-looking device at the top. While in there, the candy pieces are constantly mixed so that the machine doesn’t clog. There’s a scanner wheel with four slots at 90 degrees apart for performing measurements, and after the sensor takes three measurements, the item’s color is determined. That’s when the exit tube is chosen to guide the candy piece to the correct container. The LED strip that encircles the machine isn’t just there to look decorative (although it does do that), it’s actual purpose is to provide visual feedback.

I’m not sure when or where this product would come in handy, but it’s still pretty neat. Watch it in action in the video below to truly be amazed by Pennings’ genius.

Sources: (2), Willem Pennings/YouTube / Photo Credit:

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Why Are We Feeding Skittles To Cows?


By Cooking Panda

If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering just what would happen if an entire road were magically covered in delicious red Skittles, then boy are you in luck.

A road in southeastern Wisconsin was found to be covered in hundreds of thousands of red Skittles (identified by their distinct Skittle smell, rather than their signature “S” stamp).

While some might find this a nuisance, the spillage of Skittles actually ended up being a benefit for the road, which had been icy beforehand; the little candies improved traction and made it safer and easier for vehicles to maneuver over the road.

But that’s not all, folks.

At first, CNN reports that nobody knew how or why the Skittles ended up on the road. All they knew was that the road smelled familiar and yummy, and that the weird incident was helping with car traction.

After a while, however, CNN reports that the sheriff’s department later was made aware of the cause behind the spillage: Skittles, as it so happens, are actually used as cattle feed.

Yes, your classic movie snack is also the choice snack of cows, due to their cost and the amount of carbs they provide.

Livestock nutritionist with Grain Plains Livestock Consulting, Ki Fanning, told CNN: “(It) is a very good way for producers to reduce feed cost, and to provide less expensive food for consumers.”

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office posted about the Skittle spillage on Facebook, and the post has been getting mixed reactions from meat consumers about the practice of feeding cattle the candy.

“Candy is a garbage food for people, so feed it to cows, which we are going to eat? Naturally occurring sugar, fine. Not highly processed, artificial dye crap called candy. No, I do not eat candy,” said one commenter.

“The only thing a cow should be eating is grass, in a pasture.”

“I, for one, welcome our new cherry-flavored beef overlords,” joked another.

What do you think about the candy-cow controversy? 

Sources: CNN, Dodge County Sheriff's Office/Facebook / Photo Credit: Dodge County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

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Watch These Adorable Kids Taste 100 Years Of Candy (Video)


By Cooking Panda

There is something so cute about watching little kids discover different tastes and foods for the very first time.

If you are a fan of Bon Appetit’s YouTube channel, you may have noticed that it has been posting videos of children trying different kinds of cuisines or foods over 100-year periods: for instance, videos of kids trying 100 years of Christmas desserts, 100 years of Thanksgiving dishes, 100 years of airplane foods, and 100 years of sandwiches are all up to view on their feed.

On Dec. 14, Bon Appetit posted a video of kids trying 100 years of candy, and it is so, so cute and fun to watch their reactions!

“Kids try an assortment of popular candies from the 1920s until today, including Jujyfruits, salted nut rolls, Pop Rocks, Big League Chew, Gushers, and More,” reads the video description.

Check out the video (below):

Have you tried any of these candies?

Sources: Bon Appetit/YouTube / Photo Credit: Bon Appetit/YouTube

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