Salsa Ranch Chicken Burrito


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Chicken Avocado Burritos


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Easy Beef Burrito Skillet


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Watch This Guy Eat A 3-Foot-Long Burrito In 13 Minutes (Video)


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Imagine trying to eat a 3-foot-long, 5-1/2-pound burrito. If you think a Chipotle burrito is big, imagine eating about 10 of those. Obviously that’s a shot in the dark. I don’t know how many Chipotle burritos would equal this giant one … I just know it has to be a lot.

Taqueria Yareli’s of Fresno, California, sells this burrito, and it’s called “The Anaconda Burrito.” If that name doesn’t scare you away, this picture of it will:

Visalia man is first to conquer the Anaconda burrito

Even scarier? Watching someone come along and eat it right up in just thirteen minutes. That’s right, you’re about to see it yourself in the video below. According to KFSN-TV, renowned competitive eater Pablo Martinez was the first person to come along and eat an entire Anaconda Burrito.

Usually the burrito is sliced up and served to a family of four. If that doesn’t give you an idea of the task Martinez overtook, then you might as well skip right down to that video. “Burritos are my specialty,” Martinez told KFSN-TV, “this will definitely be the longest burrito I’ve eaten.”

My only answer to that is, I hope so! Anaconda Burrito creator Edwin Espinoza says that many others have come along in hopes of undertaking this task, but none yet had been successful. However, as Martinez is the first, he feels certain he won’t be the last. He says so himself: “Mark my words, I won’t be the last. There will be others who will come to do this.”

Martinez is trained, though. He’s 18th in the world for competitive eating, so just because he can do it doesn’t mean we all can. Let’s take a minute to respect this feat before we all start jumping in.

If no one ever finishes this burrito again, and it’s only Martinez, he will still have done a huge service for Taqueria Yareli’s, because it’s probably safe to bet that this story has gotten the restaurant a ton of free publicity. Even I want to go there now! Check out the video below to see Martinez in action. You don’t want to miss it.

Sources: KFSN-TV / Photo credit: Taqueria Yarelis/Facebook

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Easy Beef Burrito Skillet


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Students At Virginia Tech Can Now Have Their Chipotle Burritos Delivered By Drone


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Alright, we’ll give them this one: Out of all of their desperate marketing campaigns of late, this one is probably Chipotle’s best.

Per Bloomberg, Chipotle will begin an experimental service at the Blacksburg, Virginia university — Virginia Tech — this month in collaboration with Project Wing, a unit of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc.

What is it, you ask? Oh, just the delivery of Chipotle burritos — via drone — to students on the Virginia Tech campus.

The Federal Aviation Administration has given the venture the go-ahead, making this the most extensive drone test yet in the United States.

Companies like Amazon, Wal-Mart and more have all expressed interest in drone-deliveries of products, so if the test goes well, this may become a more routine delivery system.

“It’s the first time that we’re actually out there delivering stuff to people who want that stuff,” Dave Vos, who heads Project Wing, said to Bloomberg.

Essentially, Project Wing will use self-guided hybrids that are able to hover like helicopters and fly just like planes — these hybrids will then make deliveries from a Chipotle food truck and assess the accuracy of the navigational systems, and customer response.

Using a winch, the hybrids will hover overhead and lower the food to waiting customers.

In addition to customer response, the experiment will be testing how well the airborne packaging  manages to hold up — will food still be warm and in tact? 

Just in case things don’t go to plan, human pilots will be standing by to take control of the burrito-carrying hybrids if necessary. Additionally, drones are not actually allowed to fly over people (it’s a safety hazard), so participants in the trial will be shielded as an extra precaution.

“It sounds simple, but it’s not,” Vos said to Bloomberg. “There are a lot of things to work out from a safety point of view and a policy point of view.”

Luckily, there are plenty of volunteers lining up to help test out the drone-delivery service. Virginia Tech employees, students, and other recruits are all slated to help out in the trial run, Mark Blanks, the director of the partnership, told Bloomberg.

“This is the most complex delivery flight operation that I am aware of that’s occurred on U.S. soil,” Blanks said.

Sources: Bloomberg / Photo credit: Favim

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Chipotle Scrambles To Woo Back Customers, Even As It Gets Sued By 10,000 Employees


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“I’m just a struggling burrito chain, standing in front of my fleeing customers, asking them to love me.”

Chipotle is so Julia Roberts in Notting Hill right now, y’all.

Actually, if we’re doing romantic movie comparisons (we are), Chipotle is more like the Titanic. It’s not Jack, if you’re wondering, or Rose — it’s the sinking ship.

On August 29, CNN reported that nearly 10,000 workers are suing Chipotle for allegedly cheating them on their pay, with current and former Chipotle employees claiming that the company forced them to work “off the clock hours” without compensation.

For anybody wondering, the technical term for that is wage theft — not cool, Chipotle.

“Chipotle routinely requires hourly-paid restaurant employees to punch out, and then continue working until they are given permission to leave,” reads the class action lawsuit known as Turner v. Chipotle, per CNN.

While Chipotle denies these claims, saying the case has no merit, this lawsuit is by far the largest class action case to date leveled against the company for wage theft. As of August 26, a staggering 9,961 current and former workers have sent in consent forms to join the lawsuit.

“Chipotle has argued this is a few rogue managers who aren’t following policy. Our view, especially given the number of people opting in, is that it’s a systematic problem at Chipotle,” lawyer Kent Williams of Williams Law Firm, who is representing the employees in Turner v. Chipotle, told CNN.

And that’s not all. Apparently, the company is so desperate to regain some semblance of control and rebuild its reputation (which plummeted after a series of public health crises) that it’s now focusing on wooing customers’ children.

Eater reports that according to an August 30 press release, children are now eligible to eat free at Chipotle every Sunday if they order with an adult who purchases a regular-priced entree; additionally, Chipotle is throwing in limited-edition activity sheets to accompany each of these free meals.

According to Eater, Chipotle spokesperson Chris Arnold notes that the company’s demographic “has been widening for some time,” adding that the chain has “always skewed young, but that [its consumer base has] been broadening as long-time customers get older and others have children that they bring to our restaurants.”

So what do you think? Is Chipotle’s latest bid to regain your trust (and money) worth it? Or are you on the side of the furious employees?

Sources: Eater, CNN / Photo credit: Laura Murray/Thrillist

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You Can Now Get Your Shophouse Meal Wrapped Just Like A Chipotle Burrito


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Did you know that Chipotle has an Asian side project called ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen?

The separate chain, which typically offers menu items such as rice bowls, salads, and noodles is currently testing some new food creations for its customers to enjoy… and they resemble Chipotle’s Tex-Mex style of cuisine a whole lot.

Per Nation’s Restaurant News, Chris Arnold, the communications director for ShopHouse parent Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc., confirmed that ShopHouse will be testing wraps at four units, including its original location in Washington, D.C., because guests were bringing in tortillas from Chipotle and asking employees to wrap their ShopHouse orders up like a burrito.

In an email to Eater, Arnold wrote: “They’d bring in tortillas (some from nearby Chipotles) and ask if we could wrap the ShopHouse ingredients burrito-style. Our ShopHouse team taste-tested that hack and really liked it, so they decided to give it a try.”

Of course, the chain has opted to call the new menu item a “wrap” instead of a burrito, likely in order to maintain some semblance of distance between its Asian cuisine and Chipotle’s Tex-Mex flare.

According to Eater, the restaurants have been testing the wraps for around three weeks now, to positive feedback. 

Says one employee to Eater: “A lot of people, returning customers, come in and they already know what they want, and they don’t even look at the menu.”

Sales are continuing to increase as more and more diners become aware of the wrap’s existence.

Sources: EaterNation’s Restaurant News / Photo credit: Eric Wolfinger

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Taco Bell’s New Burrito Creation Is Cheesy To The Core


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The latest new menu items at Taco Bell are here, and they are cheesy to the core — literally.

Coming in both Crunchy and Spicy varieties, the Cheesy Core Burritos look like the marriage between two of our favorite Mexican dishes: burritos and cheesy nachos.

Take a deep breath. Now take a look:

According to Brand Eating, the just-released Crunchy Cheesy Core Burrito is a burrito stuffed with seasoned beef, Latin rice, red sauce, and reduced-fat sour cream — plus the cheesy core, comprised of a three-cheese blend, nacho cheese sauce, and the crunch: corn tortilla strips.

The Spicy Cheesy Core Burrito, on the other hand, has a special core comprised of a three-cheese-blend, nacho cheese sauce, and diced jalapeno, all wrapped up in the same combination as its Crunchy counterpart.

According to Delish, the burritos are now available at Taco Bell establishments across the United States, and will cost you only $1.99.

Sources: Brand EatingDelish / Photo credit: Regina Wu/Delish

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Burger King Tries Its Hand At Tex-Mex With Its New Whopper-Burrito Hybrid


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First it began serving up hot dogs all over the United States; then it had the nerve to introduce Mac N’ Cheetos to the fast-food scene. If you’ve been keeping up with Burger King’s new menu, you’ve probably come to the well-founded conclusion that the fast-food mega-chain has lost its mind.

Not so fast, mindful eaters! There’s another offender to add to the list. While it’s perfectly normal (and even exciting) for food chains to innovate and try to cater to a more demanding public, somebody has to draw the line. Who, for example, decided to let Burger King dip its ever-expanding toe into Tex-Mex, and roll out a new cheeseburger-burrito chimera nationwide on August 15?

The Whopperito is coming, and it’s coming fast, folks. Try not to panic.

For what it’s worth, Burger King’s decision to adapt a kind of fare traditionally linked to Chipotle is actually a smart marketing move, considering the burrito chain has been reeling from a string of foodborne illness outbreaks. Chipotle’s previously loyal customers may transition their allegiance over to Burger King, if the fast-food chain manages to roll out a satisfying enough item.

“It’s certainly one of the first times that we’ve tapped into the Tex-Mex category,” Alex Macedo, North American president at Burger King, said in an interview, per Bloomberg. “It’s one of the fastest-growing categories — consumers like the freshness of it. They like the mix of flavors.”

The Whopperito isn’t as revolutionary an item as you may think; Burger King has instead basically chosen to deconstruct its Whopper, taking its main ingredients — beef, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles — and wrapping them in a tortilla, rather than its standard sesame-seed bun. The components will be bound together by a queso sauce, rather than the mayo, ketchup or mustard you might typically enjoy on a burger.

For now, the Whopperito is being promoted as a limited time offer. If it proves to be popular among fans, it could earn a permanent place on the Burger King menu. If not, you can still snag one in the next three to four months for $2.99.

Source: Bloomberg / Photo credit: Burger King via Bloomberg

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Chicken Burrito Bowl


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Eight Perfect Recipes For National Burrito Day


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In the recent string of important food holidays, National Burrito Day might be our favorite. Nothing fills you up and satisfies your cravings like a nice chunky burrito, and we’re happy to celebrate it on April 7.

If you insist on going out today, check out Rubio’s for a dollar off their Burrito Especial, or Blue Coast Burrito for a buy one get one free deal.

Or even better, make your own at home!

Burritos are pretty easy once you get the hang of rolling them. Simply line your ingredients up on a warm tortilla, leaving a few inches free on the top and bottom. Make sure your ingredients are concentrated together in a strip, favoring one side of the tortilla so you have enough room to roll it. This graphic shows you how:

Now that you know how to roll your own burrito, why not make some at home? Here are eight great recipes:

1. Simple Breakfast Burrito

This is your basic breakfast burrito with sausage, egg, peppers, potatoes, and a couple of little twists to make it taste great.

2. Chorizo, Potato and Queso Burrito

Add eggs and it magically turns into a breakfast burrito.

3. Better than Chipotle Homemade Steak Burrito Bowl

We love those burrito bowls too. How about saving a ton of money and making them yourself?

4.Crispy Black Bean Quinoa Burritos

A healthy-ish vegetarian and easily veganizable way to indulge in something truly delectable when you’re craving a big fat burrito.

5. Slow Cooker Pork Burritos

These super adaptable tender pork burritos are great with just about any fillings, so feel free to go wild.

6. Chipotle Shrimp Burritos with Avocado Crema

This list wouldn’t be complete without some kind of flavor-packed seafood burrito. These are great when you want something on the smaller side. They’d be great for mini burritos!

7. Sushirrito

Is this technically a burrito? If deliciousness is a burrito standard, then we’re just going to go ahead and say yes. We recommend starting with this base and adding on ingredients as you see fit – we love shrimp tempura, eel, sesame seeds and any sashimi-grade fish like tuna or salmon. If you like rice paper, try subbing it out for the seaweed. The sky is the limit!

8. Brick Chicken Avocado Burritos

Delicious Homemade BurritosLIKE Cooking Panda for more delicious videos!!!

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Sources: Delish / Photo Credit: gmasonbrown/Pixabay

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