Time To Get Your Hands On Haagen-Dazs’ Boozy Ice Cream!


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Move over, wine ice cream, there’s a new, boozier kid on the block: Haagen-Dazs Canada’s Spirits line, a collection of five ice creams containing premium alcohol. 

Decadent desserts meet premium spirits. NEW H‰agen-Dazs SPIRITS are in stores now.

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In order of best to worst online reviews (though all have earned at least four out of five stars on the Haagen-Dazs product page), here are the indulgent flavors.

With a 5/5 rating is Rum Ginger Cookie, a rum-infused ginger ice cream flecked with pieces of ginger cookies. Fans say the ice cream is smooth and sweet with a genuine ginger flavor, while the cookies remain perfectly crunchy. 

In a close second is Vodka Key Lime Pie, a key-lime ice cream infused with vodka and rippled with a graham-cracker swirl, and people are loving it. They say the ice cream has just the right tart and refreshing taste of key lime, and the crust is so sweet and crunchy that you’ll want to eat the whole tub at once.

The Irish Cream Coffee and Biscotti variety has a velvety Irish cream base, blissfully interrupted with biscotti bits and a coffee swirl. Proponents of this flavor can’t get enough of its rich and creamy coffee taste, cut with the crunchiness of biscotti. 

Up next is Whiskey Chocolate Truffle, a mix of chocolate and white mousse ice creams infused with whiskey and speckled with truffle pieces. It’s as rich and deep in flavor as its intense chocolaty color would lead you to expect.

Finally, Rum Vanilla Caramel Blondie combines a rum-infused vanilla ice cream with blondie chunks and caramel. Sweet rum and caramel interact with the gooey, chewy blondies for an insane melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Available at Canadian Walmart stores, these 1 percent alcohol ice creams may not get you tipsy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them paired with a glass of your favorite liquor — or, better yet, in a boozy milkshake. For a treat with more of a kick, simply blend your Spirits flavor of choice with a shot of its matching alcohol. I’m usually not inclined to drink whiskey shots, for example, but if you stirred it with a fat scoop of the Whiskey Chocolate Truffle, I could be persuaded.

While the Spirits line isn’t available in the U.S., its popularity indicates that it could very well make its way down south in the future. At least, that’s what I’m hoping.

Source: Haagen-Dazs / Photo credit: Max Pixel

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Everyone’s Summer Needs This Rose Wine Ice Cream (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

You want something to cool yourself off, right? But you can’t decide if you’re hungry for some smooth ice cream or thirsty for a glass of ice cold rose?

Don’t you worry. Some angels over at Smitten Ice Cream have combined the two ultimate summer treats into one outstandingly refreshing flavor that’s an absolute delight on warm summer days.

The delectable dessert comes from Scribe Winery’s Una Lou Rose, a trendy canned wine with notes of wild strawberry and grapefruit, according to Tasting Table.

The tasters over at Refinery29 said that the ice cream is strongly boozy, more so than some of the more subtle alcohol-infused desserts out there:

When we first put a bite in our mouths, the velvety treat tasted like sweet, slightly fruity ice cream flavors we’re used to. However, after a beat, we got a strong taste of rose. Unlike with a lot of other flavors, it would be hard to eat a whole pint of Sonoma Rose in one sitting, but that’s probably a good thing, especially since it’s only around for a limited time, and you’ll want to savor it. For rose lovers, this is definitely a novel summertime treat worth tasting. You can even try it in a rose float if you’re a die-hard rose fan.

The lucky Tasting Table folks who had a bite said that the rose offered a “fruit-forward” and “pleasant” flavor that plays well with its “rich custard base.”

“While admittedly the combo of wine and dairy might not be for everyone, if you’re a fan of boozy summer floats, then this flavor was made for you,” the tasters added.

Californians are in luck, as the limited-edition scoops are available at Smitten’s shops throughout the Golden State as well as for dessert at Petit Marlowe, a French joint in San Francisco.

Can’t get your hands on a carton or cone of the winey stuff? No worries! Consider making a sparkling rose blueberry float for yourself.

Sources: Tasting TableRefinery29 / Featured Photo Credit: Takeshi Kuboki/Flickr

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Is Ben And Jerry’s Latest Flavor Boozy Ice Cream?!


By Cooking Panda

Ben & Jerry’s is well known for its array of creative and sometimes unusual flavors. Just take the White Russian and Economic Crunch, for example. What?

However, Thrillist thinks it might be onto something with the discovery of a new flavor coming soon called Urban Bourbon. While Ben & Jerry’s hasn’t announced or confirmed anything yet, spectators are getting excited for this new flavor to hit the shelves soon. Most notably, Candy Hunting on Instagram is making the bold and confident announcement.

The flavor is expected to feature “Burnt caramel ice cream with almonds, fudge flakes & bourbon caramel swirls,” as it says on the package in the picture above. Where is anyone getting this information when B&J themselves haven’t announced it?

Thrillist says the flavor is safe for kids, which I’ll admit is kind of a bummer. I was really hoping for a boozy ice cream from these guys to get us adults through the harsh winter months. Maybe someday.

Thrillist also reports that there’s a landing page on Walmart’s website for Urban Bourbon that currently goes nowhere, and that B&J have been caught applying for trademarks for the name. This is all pretty fishy, if you think about it. Why would Walmart be gearing up to sell a flavor that doesn’t exist? Why would Ben & Jerry’s trademark the name of a nonexistent flavor? And finally, how does Candy Hunting know so much?

The fact that there’s a picture of the actual pint that’s supposed to be coming soon is a clear sign that the flavor is in the works. Whoever let the cat out of the bag is probably feeling antsy right about now. Then again, maybe Ben & Jerry wanted the secret to leak out, so that we’d all be waiting in high anticipation! That could be a great marketing technique, you know.

Whatever is going on, keep your eyes peeled for this delicious-sounding flavor. If you trust the intel of Candy Hunting, it will be available to us in just a few months!

Sources: Thrillist (2), Candy Hunting/Instagram / Photo Credit: Ben & Jerry's/Instagram

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