Jalapeno Bloody Mary


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8 Ways To Spruce Up That Boring Bloody Mary


By Cooking Panda

Step away from that store-bought Bloody Mary mix! You deserve so much better.

Whether you partied a little too hard last night and crave some hair of the dog or you just want an exciting way to turn up at brunch, consider taking the classic Bloody Mary and changing around the flavors in some new and exciting ways.

Life is too short for crappy cocktails!                                                                                                   

1. Shochu Bloody Mary With Wasabi and Pickled Ginger

Nutty. Smooth. Dry. Peppery. Salty. Acidic. Is that how you’re feeling right now? We can fix that. Make yourself this subtle but dynamic cocktail and we bet you’ll perk right up.

2. Queen City Bloody Mary

Sweet, spicy, sour and salty, this cocktail has it all. You’ll be amazed at what a little cocoa and chili powder can do when they’re paired with cloves, cinnamon and your standard savory Bloody Mary flavors.

3. Mezcal Mary With Roasted Jalapeno and Bacon

Smoky Mexican liquor, with deep, fruity jalapeno spiciness and savory, fatty crispy bacon all harmonize in the most sublime way.

4. Thai-Style Bloody Mary With Cilantro and Fried Shallots

Let’s talk about fish sauce for a second. A few drops of the stuff gives you a crazy awesome umami punch that makes Worcestershire sauce seem basic. Combined with spicy, vinegary samal oelek, tangy lime juice, deep brown sugar and fresh, grassy cilantro and you have yourself a stupendously perfect brunch centerpiece.

5. Tomatillo Bloody Mary

Whoever said Bloody Marys had to be red? A bit of cucumber, tomato and garlic round out this smoky tomatillo-based cocktail with those fresh, fruity, acidic notes that will give you that signature Bloody Mary taste you are looking for … but oh so much better!

6. Gazpacho Bloody Mary With Pickled Shrimp

If you think about it, the red onion, sherry vinegar and garlicky flavors in chilled gazpacho soup are just begging to be revamped into a boozy cocktail. You won’t look back!

7. Roasted Tomato and Harissa Bloody Mary

The charred flavor you get when roasting tomatoes is just incredible with the spicy, savory red pepper heat that the harissa brings. Add a bunch of fresh spices and a generous glug of ginger vodka, and you are SET.

8. Ultimate Fully Loaded Bloody Mary

There’s no shame whatsoever if you are craving something a little more traditional. After all, there’s a reason why Bloody Marys are so iconic, right? Because they are DELICIOUS. You’ll be amazed at how stellar of a drink you can concoct when you mix up a bunch of fresh ingredients.

Featured Photo Credit: Aida Mollencamp/Salt and Wind

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This Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary Bar Is A Brunch Lover’s Dream Come True


By Cooking Panda

Even if you’re not somebody who brunches — although I’m not actually convinced such a person exists — chances are you’ve heard of a Bloody Mary before. On its own, the drink is dignified and flavorful; unfortunately, it all too often comes with a sad, wilted piece of celery for garnish, or something similar.

Not anymore, my friends.

For New Yorkers, the Bloody Mary of dreams is only a train ride away because Kingsley, a restaurant in the East Village, is introducing a build-you-own Bloody Mary bar.

“I’m from Chicago; the Bloody Mary is bigger in the Midwest,” Roxanne Spruance, chef and owner of Kingsley, told Patch. “I implemented it at another place years ago [in Chicago], but nobody really does it here. In Milwaukee, you can get a burger on top of your Bloody Mary.”

Kingsley’s build-your-own Bloody Mary bar will feature a spread of 30 to 40 garnishes. As Patch reports, options will include homemade pretzels, bacon, pickles, cheeses, shrimp and even marinated octopus. Fear not, traditionalists: Celery will be there for the taking too, although I don’t know why you would.

The ode to Spruance’s Midwestern roots will set customers back $14. Here’s a photo of what you could be drinking for some brunch-time inspiration:

Yes, please.

Sources: Kingsley, Patch / Photo credits: The Bar, Kingsley via Patch

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Mix It Up With These 8 Surprisingly Delicious Savory Cocktails


By Cooking Panda

Whether you’re having a hangover brunch or simply want to branch out and add some new kinds of cocktails to your bartending repertoire, savory drinks are a must!

Bloody Marys are great now and again, but there are so many other savory cocktails out there that are totally underrated. Give them a try!

Note: A fair amount of these recipes call for pickle juice. If you don’t have any or just don’t like it, feel free to substitute with: one teaspoon white vinegar, ½ teaspoon dill weed and ¼ teaspoon salt to replace two tablespoons of pickle juice.

1. Black Pepper Gibson

The Gibson is an underrated classic martini with its trademark slightly-sweet cocktail onion. But add some black pepper to it and you have something out-of-this world delicious.

2. Rum Caesar with Basil, Roasted Garlic and a Bacon Wrapped Prawn

It is a well-known fact that all drinks should have pickle juice, steak seasoning and clamato juice.

3. Bacon Sour

Maple, bacon bourbon, egg white and Peychaud’s bitters add a deliciously welcome twist to your whiskey sour. Here’s how to make your own bacon infused bourbon.

4. The Botanist

Tequila, cucumbers and peppers go together incredibly well, but it’s the adorable bell pepper cup that totally pushes this delicious drink over the top in the best possible way.

5. Pickled Surfer

Like a pickleback shot but even more delicious and drinkable.

6. Ultimate Bloody Maria

Honestly, why would you settle for a Bloody Mary when you can have a spicy alternative that has tons more flavor?

7. Tallulah

The peanut flavor adds an unexpected yet deliciously savory complexity to the whiskey. You have to try this one!

8. Celery Cup No. 1

This cucumber-celery-based vodka drink is about as refreshing as it comes. With fresh cilantro, agave, and fresh-squeezed lemon juice, this is hands-down the savory cocktail you should be drinking on a hot summer day.

Featured Photo Credit: Katie Foster/Tasting Table

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