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Starbucks Is Offering Free Toppings For PSL’s Birthday


By Cooking Panda

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin Spice Latte!

From Oct. 6 to 10, Starbucks is celebrating the 13th birthday of our favorite fall treat. And guess what? Everyone gets a gift! That is, everyone is offered a gift: Pumpkin Spice Whip as a free topping option on any drink.

According to Starbucks, our dear friend PSL joined the world on Oct. 10, 2003. This will be Starbucks first time offering this whipped topping, however.

It’s made with real pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, clove and nutmeg. Sounds just like fall all wrapped up in a whipped cream flavor.

Also, as long as your Starbucks hasn’t run out yet, you can also pick up a free “Happy Birthday” pin for PSL as well. You know, to show your pumpkin spirit.

As if this birthday celebration wasn’t awesome enough, Starbucks has also given us a cute little timeline in the life of its PSL, starting with day 1: its creation by Peter Dukes.

Other great life events include joining Twitter in 2014, being proposed to by a Twitter fan in 2015, introduction as a Frappuccino flavor, and previous birthdays and birthday gifts to fans.

Well, if any drink deserved a huge celebration, I’d say it’s the Pumpkin Spice Latte, and that new whipped cream looks absolutely delish. I think it’s time to head out and try some for myself.

Sources: Starbucks (2) / Photo credit: Starbucks

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Your Birthday Has To Include This Epic Fast Food Cake


By Cooking Panda

Looking for something special for your birthday? Why not make your cake a little… savory?

How about this beautiful monstrosity?

Australian food hero Milton Lai had a breakthrough in fast food cakes and pretty much set the gold standard for us. Eat your heart out, Epic Meal Time.

Like the truly extraordinary human being that he is, Lai wanted to make sure that everyone is able to follow his lead and make an equally awesome cake. Here are his requirements:

1. Each component of the cake must come from fast food outlets.

“Note that a gourmet version of this could be done, but may not be worth it,” the fast food cake mastermind pointed out.

2. The cake must be “structurally sound without props” and, hold itself up like a regular cake.

3. It must slice neatly, and guests should eat it as a slice. Lai stressed that it should “NOT be pulled apart.”

4. Going along with the “structurally sound” requirement, the fast food cake must “present nicely as a cake and not as a slop or heap of junk food,” he explained.

But how did he make it?

It all started with a deep dish pan pizza from Dominos.

To form a “second layer perimeter,” our hero picked up a ton of McDonalds Chicken McNuggets and stacked a double layer of them around the edge.

“It must kiss the crust edge for the best effect,” he said.

He then filled the “chicken nugget fortress” with French fries and topped it with another layer of pizza.

Next, he added a ring of six double cheeseburgers. He picked the double size for their superior meat-to-burger ratio and their excellent ability to cut.

The final cake layer consists of a thin crust pepperoni pizza garnished with KFC fried chicken, mashed potatoes in the center, and a ton of gravy smothered on top.

There’s only one more step!

“Jab candles into the chicken and present it to the birthday boy,” Lai wrote.

There was a little fallout when they sliced and plated the “cake,” but it stayed sound for the most part.

The $90 masterpiece, which fed 10 people, was reportedly a huge success, and:

“I’d like to leave this out there for inspiration for others to top, with improved heights and grander designs,” said our hero.

Looking for more unhealthy fast food cakes? Why not try this bacon-burger-pizza cake?

Sources: MetroEpic Meal Time/YouTube / Photo credit: Milton Lai

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This Is The Coolest Hack To Blowing Out Your Birthday Candles


By Cooking Panda

Blowing out the candles on a birthday cake is one of the most time-honored traditions of turning one year older. No matter whether you host a large party or a small gathering of friends and family, most of us never go more than a year without blowing out candles atop one birthday themed dessert or another.

Unfortunately, however, the act of blowing out birthday candles is also one of the most unsanitary parts of any celebration. A 2013 study conducted by Clemson University found that the average number of bacteria on a cake leaps from 200 to 3,000 after the candles have been blown out, and some countries have even gone so far as to suggest that their residents forgo birthday candles completely (we’re looking at you, Australia).

Luckily, if you’re not quite ready to give up on birthday wishes and cherished traditions for the sake of health, there’s a brilliant new viral video that might offer a solution. Entitled, “Tell me again why you don’t blow out the candles?” the clip demonstrates a hilarious new take on birthday celebrations.

Even if you’re not a germophobe, we suggest that you test out the method at your next birthday bash. At the very least, you will likely get a laugh, and at most you might prevent some of your closest friends and family from taking ill. After all, you may never look at a birthday cake again after thinking about all of the spit and bacteria that is distributed on the surface as part of your traditional celebration!

Sources: Country Living, Vindog Unleashed/YouTube / Photo credit: WallpaperFX

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