Remember Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress? Well, Now You Can Eat It, Sort Of


By Cooking Panda

When I was a little girl, there were lots of things Hollywood and the media taught me to fear about growing older.

The Brave Little Toaster cultivated my deep, underlying fear of quicksand that still lingers to this day; watching Katie Holmes progress through life taught me to beware Tom Cruise; and every single magazine geared toward maturing woman taught me that at one point I would be expected to put whipped cream or chocolate all over my body and let somebody lick it off, even though I feared that might be sticky and also attract ants.

Would I have had the same reaction then if I’d known what people expect others to consume now? Namely, this meat-dress off of a Barbie-like doll’s body.

In what I think is a slightly demented nod to Lady Gaga’s meat dress (you know, the one that caused the national uproar at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards among animal rights activists and fans alike), a hotpot restaurant in Beijing has created its own, miniature version of the outfit for diners to feast upon, off of a doll’s body.

Here’s how it works, according to Rocket News 24: Patrons peel the layers of meet (which appear to be mutton) off of the doll’s body and throw them into the hotpot; the more you eat, the more exposed the doll becomes, until eventually — well, use your imagination.

According to Shanghaiist, while some responses to the dress have been met with positivity, an online forum called Weibo shows that many people believe the display is unnecessary, and even sexist.

“Why can’t we just eat meats without any kind of stupid tricks like this?” one asked.

“It’s very disgusting. We don’t even know whether the staff cleaned the doll or not,” another commented.

“Let’s just throw the doll into the hotpot! It’s really time consuming to pull away all those strips of meat,” one netizen joked.

What do you think? Is this meat dress tasty or tacky?

Sources: Rocket News 24, Shaghaiist / Photo credit: Elyse Ribbons/Twitter

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This Obnoxious Menu Forces Diners To Do Trigonometry For The Price Of Their Meal


By Cooking Panda

Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by this menu:

For many people, dining out is meant to be a stress-free experience — a hardworking waitstaff is there to serve you, a chef is waiting to prepare your meal. All you have to do is show up hungry, eat your food, and cover the bill when you’re done.

A restaurant in Beijing, however, has done everything in its power to take a streamlined experience and make it stressful. Rather than listing their menu items in yuan (the currency in Beijing), the restaurant decided to present diners with complex math equations, thus forcing them to calculate the cost of their meal.

And if you thought it was just a little joke with simple-to-solve equations, think again: this restaurant went all out, and is foisting trigonometry on its hangry patrons. 

According to the Daily Mail, the restaurant owners have demonstrated sympathy for those who do not wish to, or are incapable of, solving the math problems, and have included a disclaimer at the bottom of the menu inviting customers to ask management if they need help working out the bill.

Source: Daily Mail / Photo credits: CEN via Daily Mail, Thinkstock via

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