Could This Machine Be Your Favorite At-Home Bartender?


By Cooking Panda

Starting this holiday season, you will be able to enjoy professional quality cocktails in the comfort of your own home.

A new smart cocktail machine, called the Bibo Barmaid, is slated to launch in late 2015. The machine was crowdfunded with Indiegogo, and promises to make expertly crafted mixed drinks at the mere touch of a button.

According to PRNewswire, the Bibo appliance works by combining alcohol pouches with cocktail pouches in order to mix an almost endless variety of beverages. Current cocktail pouch flavors include Tangerine Paloma, Cucumber Melon, Margarita, and Appletini, but the selection is only expected to grow in coming years.

Entrepreneur Debra Walker, who invented the concept behind the Bibo Barmaid, was inspired to create the machine by the subpar drinks that are often served at social gatherings. Walker stated, “I’ve hosted and attended many parties where the drinks were either too weak or too strong, and too many open alcohol bottles and mixers made it a mess, resulting in wasted leftovers. During a girlfriend get-together, I realized there had to be a better way to make cocktails.”

The Bibo Barmaid constitutes the realization of that vision. In Walker’s own words: “New technologies can make life easier and up the fun-factor. That’s what Bibo is all about. The world’s best bartender is right in your own home. Now you can make great drinks, choose from a wide variety of flavors, and forego the headache of buying all the ingredients and storing them after the party.”

Both large investors, such as Givaudan — billed as the world’s leading flavor company — and individual customers appear to be very excited about the Bibo Barmaid’s impending release. The machine will retail for $249, and can be preordered on the product’s Indiegogo page.

Personally, we think that the Bibo sounds like the ultimate holiday gift. We plan on buying one for everyone we know, including ourselves!

Source: Bibo Barmaid via PR Newswire / Photo credit: Bibo Barmaid/Indiegogo

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‘Don’t Be Very Passive Aggressive’: Man Leaves Card Explaining Why He Won’t Tip Bartender


By Cooking Panda

An anonymous resident in Seattle sparked controversy after leaving a “no tipping” note at a restaurant instead of a gratuity.

Bartender Anthony Fetto said he first noticed the card, placed underneath a receipt that had “zero” written in the tip line, while serving customers at work. 

“He was actually sitting right next to the server station where I was, so I was right there all the time, he was getting the best service,” Fetto told WTKR News of the customer.

Written on the card was a short explanation of why the customer doesn’t tip in Seattle. According to the customer, a $15 minimum wage means higher cost to consumers and more money in the servers’ pockets, therefore making them less reliant on tips. The card also called the Seattle city council “vultures.”

The card further noted that the man’s decision to not tip had nothing to do with the bartender’s service.

“It didn’t get me mad or anything, I was like wow, this is kinda silly like, y’know, tipping is a choice,” Fetto said.

The card included a link to a Facebook page, where supporters of the “No Tipping” movement can vent their frustrations.


Fetto told WTKR that he wishes the customer would have talked to him before leaving the card — especially considering he makes much less than $15 per hour, as the card claimed.

“At least come up and tell me personally like make a human contact, don’t be very passive aggressive and just kind of leave this and walk away without saying anything,” he said.

Seattle’s $15 minimum wage hike is reportedly a slow-moving process that will be phased in gradually over the course of seven years.

Sources: WTKRHLN-TV / Photo credit:

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