Enjoy Fresh Tortillas In 90 Seconds With The ‘Keurig Of Tortillas’ (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Flatev, an “artisan tortilla maker” that has been referred to as the “Keurig of tortillas,” aims to make fresh corn or flour tortillas in under 90 seconds (video below).

“Because they’re fresh when you eat them, not when you buy them, they’re even better than what you can buy at a bakery,” according to the Flatev ad below.

Carlos Ruiz, the co-founder and CEO of the company, developed the Flatev because he struggled to make homemade tortillas when he lived in the U.S. and missed authentic ones entirely when he moved to Europe, as noted by Verge.

“You know that age-old problem, when you want to make fajitas at home but just don’t want to settle for store-bought tortillas?” Wired inquired. “We’ve all been there. Thankfully, a new company has the solution.”

The machine uses pods of dough in a variety of flavors to prepare the tortillas one at a time, and unlike the Keurig, the pods are reportedly recyclable. The dough is also all-natural and gluten-free, so all of your friends and family could enjoy your fancy new appliance without the need to worry about dietary restrictions. The pods will be 79 cents each, so I’d personally just Google a gluten-free recipe myself, but to each his own.

The company initiated a Kickstarter campaign and has managed to pass its initial goal of $50,000 within a matter of days. As the retail price of a Flatev artisan tortilla maker will be $437, those who pledge the Super Early Bird or Cinco De Mayo specials were able to get one for $199. The most dedicated VIP backers will receive 10 tortilla makers and 480 pods of dough for $2,799.

Sources: Eater, Verge, Kickstarter / Photo credit: Flatev via Tech Insider

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