Get Ready For A Classy Christmas With Aldi’s Wine, Cheese, and Beer Advent Calendars

We Need A Wine Advent Calendar This Year (Photo)


By Cooking Panda

Advent calendars are a lot of fun.

There’s just something about them that brings back that sense of childlike wonder, as you open up a new square every day and find a little present. Maybe you’ll get a mediocre piece of chocolate, maybe a tiny useless trinket. Whatever it is, the fun of getting a mysterious gift is always exciting, even if you have a lousy calendar.

But as adults, holidays can be a bit more stressful. You might have kids, you might have relatives coming over for Christmas. Or you might just be wondering how you’ll make it through December when you have gifts to buy and bills to pay. Hey, it happens.

That’s exactly why all holiday decorations should somehow involve booze.

Fortunately for all of us, Aldi has our backs and will be releasing a wine advent calendar for the 2017 holiday season. And we should all be very grateful for such a wonderful gift.

The discount grocery chain’s new product will include 24 mini bottles of wine, which add up to a little more than six full-sized bottles’ worth of red, white, rose and sparkling wines for the 24 days of advent, reports Refinery29. For $67, it isn’t too terrible of a price.

The calendar will include bottles from brands that include JP Chenet and Calvet, notes The Sun. Most of the wine will be French, although there will be some Spanish and Italian sparkling ones.

Sadly, it seems that Aldi is only releasing the boozy calendar in the U.K. this year, but I’m hoping that it is a smash hit and soon makes its way over to the U.S. by next year’s holiday season.

The revolutionary calendar will come out on Nov. 1, so make sure you’re ready! If you’re going to be in the U.K. at that time, you’ll want to run to your local Aldi and pick one up ASAP.

Sources: The Sun, Refinery29 / Featured Image: PX Here / Embedded Image: Aldi via The Sun

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The Horrors Of Pina Colada Cheese Have Officially Turned Us Vegan


By Cooking Panda

Yes. You read that right. Pina Colada cheese now exists, and the world will never be the same again.

According to Grub Street, the horrifying new product is being sold at Aldi, a discount grocery store chain. The Pina Colada cheese is even sold by the Aldi’s store brand—Happy Farms—an already troubling label that has previously been faulted for the fact that it is not an actual farm.

Happy Farm’s latest transgression, however, far outshines its last. Shoppers recently noticed that the brand has started selling Pina Colada and Tequila Lime-flavored cheddar cheese—products so disgusting that the mere thought of them might turn us off of dairy forever.

Gone are our fond memories of macaroni and cheese; vanished are all thoughts of ice cream or milkshakes—all that is left is a horrifying taste in our mouths, left by an item so revolting that it does not even deserve to be called “cheese.”

The Pina Colada and Tequila Lime-flavored monstrosities are sold in seven-ounce blocks, and claim to be “infused” cheese, whatever that means. All we know is that they sound disgusting, and you will never catch our mouths anywhere near them.

If you are curious however, there is some good news. The products appear to be semi-permanent, so they might stick around long enough for the most revolting taste test of your life.

Personally, though, we’re more than happy with tried and true favorites like parmesan and regular cheddar. While we love a good tropical drink, we are firm believers that Pina Coladas should stay by the beach and away from the dairy isle! 

Source: Grub Street, The Guardian / Photo credits: Lincoln Michel/Twitter, BravesLove/Twitter

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