Sweet Potato Pizza Crust


By Jenny Pham

Cauliflower has been all the craze lately that it’s become a popular base for pizza. People have been going crazy for cauliflower pizza crust as it is a healthy and low-carb alternative compared to traditional pizza dough, but there are different vegetables out there that are equally as versatile. Cue, sweet potatoes. This recipe shows that cauliflower is not the only prodigy on the stage, and that sweet potatoes can be incorporated in ways that you won’t think is possible, like this pizza crust.

Sweet Potato Pizza Crust

Usually when you hear sweet potato, you think of it being baked or in the form of fries but over the years, it has been incorporated into bread, pancakes, desserts, and even ice cream. It doesn’t stop there, turns out, sweet potato makes for a mean pizza base that can be made with just 3 simple ingredients.

All you need is a sweet potato, rolled oats, and an egg to achieve this crispy pizza base. It’s so versatile that it could be topped with savory toppings like marinara sauce and cheese or sweet toppings like barbeque sauce and chicken. The sky’s the limit here and we are stopping at the crust to let your creativity run free.

Sweet Potato Pizza Crust

RECIPE: https://pinchofyum.com/sweet-potato-pizza-crust

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