Summer’s Hottest New Food is…Mint Chocolate Chicken?


By Brittany Won

There’s no ice cream flavor quite as controversial as mint chocolate chip. Many people liken the flavor to eating toothpaste. But there are also people who LOVE anything and everything mint chocolate chip. In Korea, the mint chocolate chip trend has taken off to the point where there is mint chocolate toothpaste, and many brands are releasing mint chocolate versions of their foods – including some chicken shops.

Mint Chocolate Chicken?

The most recent mint chocolatier food in Korea is fried chicken. People have been posting pictures and reviews of this Mint Chocolate Chip Chicken, the reviews are torn. The fried chicken is slathered in a mint green chocolate sauce that makes it look like something straight out of an alien movie. The base chicken is spicy, and some people say that the combination of sweet and spicy surprisingly… works? The restaurant selling these mint chocolate wings also has a chocolate flavor that also looks very interesting.

Tik Tok user @highwaytohere tried out both the mint chocolate and chocolate wings and said she liked the chocolate flavor. But didn’t enjoy the mint chocolate flavor due to it being overly sweet and not minty.

@highwaytohere#그린스크린 I did it♬ original sound – Krys tha sis


Mint Chocolate Chicken?

Unfortunately, this chocolatey chicken isn’t something we can find in the United States. But we’ll see if the mint chocolate trend ever catches on so we can try out these green chicken wings. Would you try out these chocolate-smothered chicken wings? I might just have to try making these at home to make a judgment call for myself!

Mint Chocolate Chicken?

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