Why The Internet Is Roasting Denny's Mascot Of 3 Years (Photos)

| by Masako Fukuchi
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Twitter is having a field day over Denny's not-new and totally innocent anthropomorphic sausage. Take a look at the photo below.

Denny's sausage link was promoted to the face of its famous Grand Slam breakfast combination almost three year ago, and over the past few days social media came upon it and did what it does best.

Dispelling the "you can't unsee this" gospel, a Twitter user pointed out the mascot's resemblance to a literal piece of crap. The "can't-be-unseen" phenomena is so powerful and a breeding ground when it hits viral status.

Allen Adamson, a New York-based brand consultant, told USA Today that a designer could "tweak it 10% away from a negative connotation" and later added, "I don't think they should flush it yet."

The mascot was born out of a collaboration with Robot Chicken production company, Stoopid Buddy Studios, and its creative agency EP & Co., according to Adweek. The Grand Slam family, Egg, Pancake, Bacon and Sausage, each given a unique visual personality, were developed more than three years ago.

The Twitter roasting is somewhat good-natured and funny, a few good puns in there. But it's so dated and well, very meta.

Con Williamson, chief creative officer at Denny's, told Adweek that the Grand Slam family was really all about the brand's playful, "snarky" online persona. He noted after its release on YouTube that "it's almost like we're playing with our food. We don't have to put the product in there, because they are the product."

And now, the Denny's creative team can just sit back and watch as the Sausage link makes even more news, garnering more attention (however meta) to bring home the bacon. From a marketing standpoint, it brought about light-hearted attention and without damaging Denny's reputation or its brand.

SFGate remarked, "not exactly a grand slam for the restaurant chain," while the article itself was a top Google search, along with the other meta headlines, "Everyone Thinks Denny's New Mascot Looks Like Actual Sh*t," "Denny's Craptastic New Mascot" and "Denny's New Mascot Drops A Deuce."

According to USA Today, Denny's stock went up 1.2 percent late-morning.

Sources: Delish, USA Today, Adweek, SFGate, TheWrap, Complex / Featured Images: Billy Hathorn/Wikimedia Commons

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