Artist Makes Lamps Out Of Real Bread (Photos)

| by Masako Fukuchi

This resin-covered bread doubles as a lamp.

Japanese artist Yukiko Morita is baking her way into the interior design scene with her latest product called the "Pampshade," made exclusively with the stuff you probably have lying around your kitchen and utility closet: flour, salt, yeast LED lights and batteries. Morita's pseudo-bread lamp features seven different designs requiring just a few AA batteries.

Every lamp starts as bread (baked as any baker normally would) and then is carved to insert an electrical circuit. Finally, the bread is coated with resin to keep its everlasting freshness. The bread lamps are fresh as food and as design; there's nothing like the Pampshade. And if you've got a gluten-intolerant friend, this is the direction you'll want to go in for gift-giving holidays.

Strictly from a design sense, these bread lamps are practical because they come in different shapes, perfect for all kinds of living spaces. The batard and baguette can hang vertically as an art deco desk lamp; the fluffy croissants and champignons are cute, unsuspected substitutes for candle-lit dinners.

When they're illuminated, the lamps glow a delightfully mellow yellow, bringing out a coziness to the room that only a bread lamp can inspire. Morita's playful creations are so cheeky and fresh, you just want to grab one and swallow it whole.

Morita's carby creations first appeared at Tokyo Design Week, where she said, "I love bread. Bread is cute." Her bakery days began back in 2006, when she was just a teenager.

After attending Kyoto University for the Arts, she combined her two passions into the first Pampshade prototype. The idea came to her as she realized how much she wanted to look at bread, which had a strange way of inspiring her creativity.

Since then, Morita has been simultaneously perfecting her baking and lamp-making techniques to create the perfect balance of shape and texture; each one is unique and baked to perfection. Attracting attention from quirky designers across Japan and now, the U.S., the Pampshades are selling like hotcakes. They're available on Morita's online shop at, so baguette them while you can!

Sources: Designboom, VICE / Embedded Images: Designboom / Featured Image: Hans Hillewaert/Wikimedia Commons

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