This App Might Help Prevent Your Hangover (Photos)

| by Lauren Briggs
a spectacular hangovera spectacular hangover

Hungover? There's an app for that.

Well, sort of. Hydrate Now, a new (and free!) iPhone app, claims to help ease your pounding brain and nausea by reminding you throughout the night to drink some freaking water already, according to Cosmopolitan.

"I know there are a lot of hydration apps out there, but I wanted to design one that was specifically designed for the hangover prevention use case," said 23-year-old Jacob Catalano, the app's creator.

"So I figured the best way to do that would be by sending an almost annoying amount of provocative push notifications that remind you to drink water."

Catalano, who is from Toronto, Canada, built the entire app in less than a week. Here's how it works: Select a number from one to five depending on how frequently you want reminders (every 100 minutes for a one and every 20 minutes for a five). Then it will ding with a friendly notification so that you won't neglect to stay hydrated.

"Drinking is great but hangovers suck," reads the app description on iTunes. "You can minimize your hangover by drinking lots of water. BUT when you're drunk you forget to care. Classic Catch 22 situation. That is where HYDRATE NOW comes in."

The app is listed as "Hydrate NOW - drink water, end hangovers."

Everybody knows that while hangover science can still be a bit of a mystery, there's one thing that tends to make the morning after a lot more painful: dehydration.

The problem is that when you're drinking a sufficient amount to get hungover, you might not remember or care enough to look after yourself, unless you have a good routine going.

"Drink water in between drinks and it will keep you hydrated and slow you down," said Eric Johnson, who definitely knows what he's talking about because he bartends at Sycamore Den, according to Serious Eats. "I have never mastered this. Geez, I wish I would."

It really is solid advice. Maybe I should tell Eric about Hydrate Now.

Sources: Cosmopolitan, Hydrate Now/iTunes, Serious Eats / Featured Image: Kristina/Flickr / Embedded Images: Hydrate Now/iTunes

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