Watch Girl Sneak Massive Bag Of Food Into Movie Theater (Video)


When snacks at the movies cost more than the actual ticket, it's no wonder that so many people sneak their own food into the theaters from time to time. According to Movie Theater Prices, AMC charges upward of $6 for their popcorn, $5 for hot dogs and $5 for small drinks

But the huge amount of snacks one girl got away with carting in is nothing short of astonishing, and she's kind of my hero (video below).

Instagrammer Ekow Fynn and his girlfriend, Elizabeth -- you might know them from "Cot Dammit Elizabeth!" fame in which he gives her a "tough love" approach to dieting and exercising but continuously finds her sneaking off to gorge herself on junk food -- embarked on what Fynn thought was an innocent movie date, until he realized why she was carrying such a giant pink bag.

"Elizabeth snuck a massive bag of food into the movies!!" the Instagram video caption reads. He later writes on screen ala Snapchat, "I FEEL LIKE A CRIMINAL" when he realizes what's going on.

"Elizabeth, what are you doing?" he asks as she opens the massive purse.

"I'm hungry!" she answers, as she unpacks what could be the product of a weekly junk-food grocery run.

Among the things she pulls out of her bag: pizza slices, McDonald's Chicken McNuggets, Lay's Stacks, Twizzler's, sparkling wine (or sparkling cider, maybe?) poured into a coupe glass, an 8-pack box of Hostess cupcakes and, yes, even popcorn.

Oh, and of course ...

"No big deal just setting the mood like a psycho" Fynn captioned the clip of Elizabeth lighting an actual candle in the theater. (The "Cot Dammit Elizabeth" duo said in a Facebook comment that they blew the candle out right after lighting it, so there was no safety hazard.)

"No one was disturbed during the filming of this video as we were the only ones in the back," Fynn wrote on Facebook, adding that he knew Elizabeth "had some cavity killers" in the bag when she told him, "We just came back from the beach and we didn't have time to go home."

The video itself is hysterical. As Elizabeth plows through her piles of snacks -- and refuses to share with her boyfriend -- he worries that they're going to get kicked out of the theater, but it seems like they make it all the way through.