For Reasons Unknown, San Francisco Opens A Rat Cafe

| by Rebecca Moretti
Rat Takes Coffee Bath (*this does not happen at rat cafes*) Rat Takes Coffee Bath (*this does not happen at rat cafes*)

While sipping on your morning cup of joe, do you ever wish you could pet a rat right after? No? Well, if you change your mind, you can do that now at The Black Rat Cafe in San Francisco. At least if they don’t get shut down by the health department, that is.

The pop-up cafe is a more bizarre and somewhat questionable take on popular cat cafes, which are -- you guessed it -- cafes filled with cats.

Do you like chilling with cats as you munch on tea cakes and sip lattes? Well, now you can do a similar thing with rodents too.

It’s kind of like the movie "Ratatouille," except with real rats instead of cute, Pixar-animated ones.

So who came up with this rat-tastic idea? The folks over at The San Francisco Dungeon, an interactive experience that takes you through historic San Francisco.

"We're obviously following all food code and hygiene requirements," a Dungeon representative told Eater. Obviously. Who would even question that a rat cafe isn't perfectly hygienic?

The pop-up cafe will be open for two days during this summer. Guests will dine in the dark basement of the Dungeon, which will be set up with tables, tablecloths and lanterns, according to Eater.

Coffee, tea and pastries will be served, none of which have been prepared on site. Once all the food and beverages are cleared out, a bunch of rats will come scurrying in, for the guests' viewing and petting pleasure.

The rats will be provided by the rat rescue and adoption agency, Rattie Ratz. For those who never knew there was such a thing as a rat rescue and adoption agency -- well, now you know.

According to the Rattie Ratz website, "Rattie Ratz is a federally recognized non-profit dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of domestic pet rats in the Bay Area."

Since their founding in 1998, they've rescued and re-homed approximately 300 pet rats every year. So yeah, this a real thing, in case you ever want to adopt a rat.

The entire experience costs $50 per person. If you're dying to have breakfast with rats but are on a budget, I suggest taking your coffee on the New York subway; it's truly a rodent lover's paradise, and pretty cheap too. 

Sources: San Francisco Eater, Rattie Ratz / Photo credit: Wpclipart/Public Domain

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