RIP To These 20,000 Pounds Of Burnt Cheese

| by Lia Ryerson

On April 18, something terrible happened to a truck that was on the highway in West Allis, Wisconsin -- the entire thing caught on fire. And while, thankfully, no human beings were hurt because of the incident, there were casualties.

Twenty-thousand pounds of cheese, to be exact.

According to WTMJ-TV, when the driver of the cheese truck noticed that his brakes were on fire, he pulled over at an Office Max in the hopes that he could extinguish the flames on his own.

Unfortunately, the fire outdid him, so he immediately disconnected his cab and called in a fire crew.

"It's a very difficult fire once the cheese gets going," Assistant Chief Kurt of the fire department told WTMJ-TV. "We also had a diesel...the combination of cheese and diesel fuel made for a pretty hot fire."

See, cheese burns at an extremely high temperature, which meant that the cheese fire couldn't be put out easily with water; the firefighters actually had to use foam to fight the flames.

Alas, by the time all was said and done, the 20,000 pounds of cheese could not be salvaged. However, apparently all the commotion did attract many people who came to watch the event, as WTMJ-TV reports they couldn't believe that 20,000 pounds of cheese was actually burning in an Office Max parking lot.

I know that when you're making a warm, cheesy dish -- think mac and cheese, or pizza, or a grilled cheese sandwich, for example -- the smell of cooking cheese can be extremely appetizing. The smell of cheese being incinerated, however, is not quite so welcome.

If you're wondering, the types of cheese were Kraft and Velveeta, so if you're a fan of either of those cheeses, pour some out for all the gooey, cheesy goodness that will never make it to your dinner plate.

Additionally, the semi truck could not be saved either.

Source: WTMJ-TV / Photo Credit: Pic Server

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