What Do You Think Of This Bizarre Restaurant Contract?

| by Lia Ryerson
Saigon BistroSaigon Bistro

The owner of a Vietnamese restaurant in Lakeland, Florida, which has a Yelp rating of four out of five stars, has recently come under some fire after an agreement she passed out to her employees on Dec. 27, 2016, was posted on Reddit and then went viral.

Kim Huynh, owner of the restaurant Saigon Bistro, gave out a contract during a team meeting that looked like this:

The contract details how much each employee would be expected to pay if they did not do their particular work tasks, such as not waiting for a male customer to ask for a straw before bringing him one, or neglecting to greet and say good-bye to paying customers.

The picture, which was posted on Reddit, has more than 33,000 points (a voting system on the website that shows how many people read and essentially up-vote a post) since being uploaded on Dec. 31.

Penalties for the employees' negligence range from 25 cents to a full $20 for a third offense.

The Ledger reports that while some employees did not agree with the contract, such as Kristina Russell, who claimed that she worked at Saigon Bistro for more than a year before being fired after she refused to sign the contract, other employees do not seem to find much of an issue with it.

Abigail Seitz told The Ledger, for instance, that she has worked at Saigon Bistro since it first opened, and that Huynh has not required her employees to pay even once since the contract was enacted. Seitz believes that Huynh simply wanted her employees to continue doing their best work, and intended the contract to be motivational.

"I care so much about them," Huynh said about her employees, and many of them seem to return the sentiment.

"I was reading the comments (online) and I had to stop because I knew they weren't true," Seitz said of disparaging comments directed toward Huynh.

What do you think? Would you sign a contract like Huynh's, or would you refuse?

Sources: Ledger, Reddit / Photo Credit: Gregory M. Francis/Instagram, Reddit 

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