#SaltBae Is The Internet's New Meat-Loving Daddy

| by Lia Ryerson

The internet is at it again.

Every so often one lucky human being will post something to the internet that immediately goes viral, as legions of fans express their admiration via tweets, hashtags, Instagrams and more.

Bana trump'bi bagla

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The latest to absolutely sweep up the hearts of the internet hive mind is 32-year-old Nusret Gokce of Turkey.

El patron

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At first glance, he's just a dude with a mop of dark hair who co-owns a restaurant in Turkey and happens to be a chef. In fact, Gokce is also a father of nine, and, most importantly, is known to the internet as #SaltBae, because of the serious sensual way he salts his meats.

Ottoman steak ??

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No, that wasn't a euphemism.

I∫te kuzu kuzu geldim dedi

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#SaltBae is a hash-tag trending on Twitter, and it refers to the nickname the internet gifted Gokce because of how much flair he puts into the act of seasoning and stroking the raw pieces of meat he prepares.

Guzel sapliyorsun dediler

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Essentially, he just roams around in elegant outfits with his hair on fleek and cuddles and caresses slabs of meat.

Masaj m¸zik Sevgi

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But the internet isn't complaining.

Et Ete degiyor dedi

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Whatever, #SaltBae. Keep on doing you.

Sources: NY Mag / Photo Credit: Nusret Gokce/Instagram

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