Get Drunk With Cats At This Denver Wine Bar

| by Lauren Briggs
Glass of red wine in front of a ginger catGlass of red wine in front of a ginger cat

If you want to leave the house for a drink but have no desire to go anywhere that you can't play with a cat (we don't blame you), then you should pack your bags and head to Denver immediately.

After successfully opening a cat cafe, the Denver Cat Company has announced plans to open America's first cat bar. They are still working to secure a location and $60,000 of funding on Kickstarter, and we're hoping they are able to pull through soon so that we can make a special trip for felines and booze.

"Many of our guests want to come in at night and have a glass of wine with friends at the cafe, so it makes sense that we'll give them a cat bar," Sana Hamelin, the company's head cat lady, told Denver Eater. "I want this to be the first one in America. We'll have evening hours, a bar-like environment, and, of course, cats and wine."

Hamelin is crossing her fingers that the bar will be open to the public around March. It will serve wine, craft beer and human food in a separate non-cat area for hygiene. Once you get your libations and snacks, you can bring it into the enclosed "cat lounge" and party with your favorite furry friends and other spinsters.

If you're worried about safety and legal trouble that could pop up when hordes of drunk party animals crowd around cats, fear not! Hamelin, a former attorney, said that they are working hard to take all the necessary precautions to make sure that "kitty safety comes first."

"This will not be a crazy college bar, but a laid-back wine bar, (with great craft beer, too)," the Kickstarter page says. "The cats will have constant supervision by staff and we will exercise discretion when letting people into the cat lounge. There are plenty of places for a rowdy night out, the Denver Cat Bar will have a chill atmosphere designed for socializing with cats and people."

The best part? Denver Cat Company works with local cat rescues, so many of the cats in the establishment are up for adoption, and they also house a lot of senior cats.

The good news is that, no matter how drunk you are, the cats will always be judging you, so it really doesn't matter how sloppy you get in front of them.

Sources: Denver Eater, Kickstarter / Photo Credit: drunk_cats/Instagram

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