a genius rolls together the ultimate giant sushi roll of our dreams

These 18 Mesmerizing Sushi Gifs Are Making Us Hungry



Sushi is AMAZING. Let's take a moment to appreciate how beautiful and tasty it is.

From traditional stuff to the more wild variety, we love it all.

But there's really nothing like a nice slab of top-quality, fresh, raw, buttery fish placed so artfully atop a sticky pillow of rice.

This combination of melt-in-your-mouth salmon with a perfect pile of rice is perfection, and these hands are truly the hands of an artist.

Pure delicious art.

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But as much as we want to admire this gorgeous nigiri, we warn you that it'll be gone in seconds.

Because it's just that delicious.

And seriously, why does this stuff look just as good -- if not better -- in animated form? How is that possible?

This is also not real sushi, but still. WANT.

And don't forget about maki, those lovely rolls that are so addicting...

Whether you like to keep it simple...

Or a little more wild:

These rolls are just delicious!

Grab a lovely sushi disc with your chopsticks!

Dunk it in soy sauce! Dunk! Dunk!

Allow yourself to be mesmerized by this temaki hand-rolling itself.

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Here, have a bite! We know you can't resist the loving siren call of sushi.

Featured Photo Credit: Couch Potato Cook via Nerdist