Starbucks Has Added Two Kiwi-Flavored Drinks to Their Summer Drink Menu


By Cooking Panda

What’s better than one summer drink? Two!

via Starbucks

A lot of brands have made changes to their menu this summer, including Starbucks and now they’ve come again with another one – two kiwi-flavored drinks!

Starbucks ‘ new Kiwi Starfruit Refreshers and Star Drinks are made with fresh fruits and a lot of ice to beat the hot weather. While the refresher combines real kiwi, starfruit flavored juice, and ice, the Star Drink has a bit of coconut juice to give it a creamy taste.

You can’t go wrong with any of their summer drinks, but we’re sure you’ll want to try these new ones. Asides being tasty, they look picture perfect and ready for the gram with their vibrant green color. They are already available on the Starbucks app so you can place your order online and expect a contactless payment and delivery experience. It’s getting hotter and these are the perfect refreshers for you.

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