Starbucks brought back Fan Favorite Lemon Cake Pops!


By Cooking Panda

Very few flavors yell “Spring!” at you like lemon does.

Well, Starbucks just dropped a lemon-flavored fan favorite treat from last year: Lemon Cake Pops!

These deliciously dipped lemon pops have been spotted by Instagram Account @JunkFoodOnTheGo.

Stating: “Starbucks Lemon Cake Pops have Returned!!!!”

Posting this Photo:

Starbucks is even listing the cake pop on it’s official menus, so the probability of finding a lemon cake pop at your local Starbucks is extremely high. Starbucks hasn’t shared how long they will keep the lemon cake pops on their menu, but based on last years trend we’re thinking all Spring.

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