Splenda® Brand Sweetener Proud To Be 100% Made in the USA


By Cooking Panda

Sadly, a few news sources have incorrectly expressed that “Splenda” comes from China. That detailing is erroneous. In actuality, Splenda® Brand Sweetener, most popular for our mark yellow bundles, is the zero calorie sugar brand a large number of individuals trust each day for quality and incredible taste and is the only national brand low-calorie sugar that is 100% made in the USA.

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The fixings in our Splenda yellow parcels and pockets are sourced from American-become agrarian products.  Furthermore, our 1,200 representatives in Indianapolis, Indiana who cautiously make America’s preferred sugar are extremely pleased with our activities here in the USA.  Even the cases and paper for our Splenda items are made in the USA.

Source: Splenda®

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