Sour Punch Has New Flavors


By Cooking Panda

This year, we’ll be getting three new products alongside a fan favorite from Sour punch. The new products include a bag of Sweet Bites which is a collection of Sour Punch’s not-so-sour flavors such as dream berry, passion punch, grateful grape, and cotton candy. They come in six different colorful designs that should easily remind us of space, sunset, and clouds. Next, there’s the Fan Favorites Bites, which has four of the most sought flavors; grape, tangerine, fruit punch, and lemon.

The SIP-N-CHEW straws as a new product definitely seem to be the most welcome. The straws are sweet and sour edible drinking straws in blue raspberry and cherry flavors. They’re a great combo with frozen and iced beverages. To cap it off, Sour Punch is bringing back its Grape Straws – this time, permanently.

According to the vice president of marketing for the American Licorice Company, Kristi Shafer, the products will be available in stores and online around November.

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