Sour Patch Releases “Just Blue” Bag of Blue Raspberry Only!


By Cooking Panda

You Voted And Sour Patch Kids Listened…. They Have Just Unveiled Their All-Blue Bag

Ask and you shall receive! The votes came in on which Sour Patch Kids color are fan favorites, and turns out the most loved color is BLUE. So, the brand announced that their “Just Blue” Sour Patch Kids will be hitting shelves very soon by saying “You voted, we delivered,” and shared a photo of the new product on their Instagram. 

Out of all the Sour Patch Kids colors – blue, green, orange, yellow and red, it seems that blue was the most superior! It was decidedly so when Sour Patch Kids received the most blue colored emojis on their posts 💙

Although they have not officially revealed the date when their “Just Blue” bags will be available, they did announce that fans in NYC can visit the brand new Sour Patch Kids store in the meantime. The Sour Patch Kids store opened up in Manhattan in August in honor of their 35th anniversary.

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