Snickers Now Come In 100 Calorie Bars for Some Reason


By Cooking Panda

Sometimes you just want to lie on your couch and take good bites of tasty candy bars while your favorite Post Malone song plays in the background. If you’ve been looking for the perfect chocolate bars to fill that void, I’ve got good news – Mars just introduced Snickers 100 calories bar.

Snickers 100 calories chocolate candy bars are pure bliss with fewer calories than the original candy bars. These brand new snicker bars are made from the same ingredients as the original – nougat topped with caramel and peanuts that has been enriched in milk chocolate to make them just as yummy as the original. 



The packaging is a bit different also; the 100 calories bar is a bit slimmer than the original snickers bar and you can see 100 written boldly on the pack so you definitely can’t miss this in supermarkets. 

These bars will sure help you fill that void as they come in packs of four so you can keep reaching in for more until your cravings are satisfied. 

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