Snickerdoodle Cookie Popcorn & Caramel Cinnamon Apple Popcorn are Salty-Sweet Snack Perfection


By Cooking Panda

Sweet popcorn + delicious cookies are some of our favorite fall treats. Put them together, and we’re going to go wild! Instagram user @CandyHunter alerted us to what looks like an incredible addition to our shopping cart. Smartfood is rolling out a Snickerdoodle cookie-flavored popcorn, featuring what appears to be delicious buttery popcorn coated in a classic Snickerdoodle cinnamon sugar blend. 


This wonderful innovation is on Krogers’ website now, meaning it’ll likely be on the shelves soon for the holiday season! The bag does note that this will be a limited edition flavor release, so we suggest stocking up if you’re like us and love to treat popcorn like a dessert food. Snickerdoodle Smartfood hasn’t been spotted on shelves yet, so we think they’re waiting to release this one closer to the holiday season judging by the Christmas ornament on the front of the bag!

If you’re obsessed with fall flavors and want to try something new right now, we also recommend checking out Smartfood’s Caramel & Cinnamon Apple Mix. This limited time flavor features air-popped popcorn that mixes the flavors of rich caramel and cinnamon apple. It has already been spotted out on grocery store shelves!

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