S’mores Creme Brulee


By Jenny Pham

Today we’re channeling our inner pastry chefs because we’re making creme brulee! This simple dessert is essentially egg custard that is torched to crispy perfection. Some people get intimidated by the torching and therefore never think to make this at home, but in reality, all it takes is three simple ingredients. All you need are eggs, cream/milk, and sugar to make the custard and some self control to not eat all of it. This recipe changes things up a bit by incorporating chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers to combine the classic S’mores dessert with creme brulee.

Start off by heating up the milk, and whisking it with egg, sugar, cocoa powder, and coffee liqueur (for a little flavor boost). Once the custard mixture is ready, pour it into individual ramekins and bake for 20-25 minutes. Let the custard set and cool down while you prepare the toppings.

cruted topiing

Toppings is where the fun comes in! Once the custard is set, add a layer of sugar on top to caramelize during the torching process. If you don’t have a torch, then simply add the sugar topped custard into the oven to broil until it has a crisp top layer (about 3-5 minutes). Next, add butter-infused graham cracker crumbles on top followed by mini marshmallows. Pop the prepared ramekins back into the oven to broil for another minute and you’re on your way to experiencing S’mores like you never have before.


Of course, more chocolate is always a good idea. Wedge Hershey’s piece into the melted marshmallow and proceed to dig in with a spoon!








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