Share a cold one with Spot with Busch’s new Dog Brew


By Cooking Panda

One of the best parts of checking out a new brewery (other than the beer, of course) is scouting the place out to see how many cute dogs are relaxing under the tables while their owners finish a drink. Even though your furry companion can join you as you tour your local breweries, they can’t fully partake in the fun – alcohol and hops are toxic to dogs, so buying a beer for Spot is a bad idea. 

Busch, the classic beer brand beloved by college students nationwide, has a new solution – Dog Brew! Don’t worry though, Dog Brew won’t make your dog tipsy. Although canned like a beer and by a beer company, the beverage is a non-alcoholic mix of bone broth and nutrients that is safe for your dog to drink. If you’ve ever looked at your furry friend and wished you could crack open a cold one for them, Dog Brew is the answer you’ve been looking for. 

Although just released, Busch’s Dog Brew is so popular that it has already sold out. Don’t worry though – their website has a waitlist, so you can be first in line to get the beverage when its available again. And although Dog Brew itself is sold out, you can still get your dog a Busch leash or Dog Brew handkerchief in the meantime. 

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