Seeking The Perfect Afternoon Snack? Dunkin’s Coffee Flavors inspired Candy Bars are here!


By Cooking Panda

Caffeinated candy bars!

Think of that sweet, sweet caffeine boost! That is what pulls you to a cup of coffee, right? Or wait, are you one of those unique people who just straight-up love the taste of coffee as well. It doesn’t matter why you want it, but as long as you genuinely are a java lover, here is some news that’ll get you pumped up! New candy bars from Dunkin’ that it describes as a “creamy coffee treat.” 

A post by Whole Coffee Co., makers of edible coffee products, about the new Coffee Bars quietly released by Dunkin’, prompted the Instagrammer @thejunkfoodaisle to spot them.

Feeling anxious to know about the flavors? Well, the 26 milligrams of caffeine present in one bar in flavors such as Caramel, French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Original Coffee will surely calm you down. The caffeine content though less than a typical cup of coffee (80-100 milligrams), is strong enough to give you a mini mid-afternoon caffeine boost.

Wait, wondering where you have seen something similar before?  Coffee Thins are the candies that are causing the déjà; these are also by Dunkin’. They both are mostly the same, but Coffee Thins are just a bit smaller. So with the new bar are you ready for a lot more food?

As of now, they could be purchased on and a four-count box would cost you $5.49. Dunkin’ has so far not made it clear whether these will be sold in stores or not, and hopefully, they will clarify that soon. However, in the meantime, you go ahead and enjoy the latest offerings of Dunkin’.

Image Source: Whole Coffee Co.

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