Sargento Introduces Reserve Series Slices to make the Everyday Gourmet


By Cooking Panda

Sargento Foods is making specialty cheeses even more special. The family-owned cheese company is expanding their Reserve Series product line. 

Sargento ® Introduces Reserve Series™ Slices to Make the Everyday Gourmet

Sargento has always wanted and given only the best to its customers since its inception in 1953 and that’s why they are expanding the Reserve Series to include new slices. Reserve Series Slices are 100% natural cheeses loaded with exquisite tasty flavors like Aged Gouda, Aged White Cheddar, and Fresh Asiago. They also consist of off-the-block aged shreds available in rich flavors. 

The recent global pandemic has led to restaurants being shut down across the country, and this has, in turn, led to consumers playing around with their favorite food and drinks as evident on social media trends. Reserve Series Slices presents amazing flavors that allow consumers at home to reproduce their favorite gourmet restaurant dishes in the easiest way possible. 

Reserve Series Slices are available in 3 irresistible flavor choices: Sargento Reserve Series Sliced Fresh Asiago Natural Cheese; which is a mouth-watering, soft, smooth, and nutty cheese, Sargento Reserve Series Sliced Aged Gouda Natural Cheese; which is aged for months and is filled with a nutty, delicious, and creamy Gouda, and lastly, Sargento Reserve Series Sliced Aged White Natural Cheddar Cheese; this specialty white cheddar cheese is packed with sharp gourmet flavor. It aged graciously to achieve this rich flavor.

Cop your new Reserve Series Slices today in the dairy section at any retailer outlet worldwide. For more information, visit

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