Rick & Morty Pringles are back with additional flavors


By Cooking Panda

Pickle Rick Pringles are back! Now with additional flavors! By popular demand and a little intergalactic traveling, you can find Rick and Morty special edition Pringles in participating Walmarts starting this month. After the Pickle Rick edition was launched back in February, senior director of Pringles marketing, Gareth Maguire states “the response from both fanbases was literally out of this world. The Pringles brand prides itself on pushing fans to find new, creative ways to unlock endless dimensions of flavor. Paired with the standout hit, Pringles Pickle Rick crisps, these snackable, stackable crunchy treats are an absolute must-have for fans.” Grab your lab coat and let’s get into the flavors.

Pickle Rick: A taste of Pickle Rick is like a taste of time travel (it might taste more like a pickle but you decide). You might find yourself back in the same moment that you watched Rick Sanchez turn himself into a pickle in episode 3 of season 3. 

Honey Mustard Morty: A taste of Honey Mustard Morty is a mixture of Mortys naive sweet nature with a twist of involuntary adventure (but mainly tastes like honey mustard, I’ll let you decide this one too). 

Look at Me I’m Cheddar & Sour Cream: Inspired by Mr. Meeseeks from episode 5 of season 1, this flavor is very delicate because meeseeks existence are very painful, they must be eaten immediately! Which is no problem for how tasty cheesy, and yet sour this chip is!

The idea is to stack all 3 into a Rick, Morty, and Meeseeks sandwich for an intergalactic experience. The flavors all together can blast you into the interdimensional doors to another dimension!

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