Retailers Are Finally Seeing A Slowdown In Traffic


By Cooking Panda

While the nation has looked on at a country in a frenzied state of panic, retailers are beginning to have hope that the public is returning to their normal shopping habits.

Several retailers of large store corporations have a monitoring system for the stores’ foot traffic.  Walmart, Target and Costco have all had fewer visitors than when people were frantically hitting the stores to stockpile essentials with the up and coming Coronavirus pandemic.

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The decrease in foot traffic could be because stores and states have laid out guidelines for social distancing, with a strong pleading for people to just stay home.  It could also be that those who stockpiled along with many other shoppers have all they need and have no need for frequent trips for essentials. Not all marketers see this as a positive move.

Even though it’s a possibility that lower traffic patterns will hold, gains are a good possibility as well when consumers’ stockpiles run low., and they need to return to the store for their necessities. 

Other stores are seeing the same patterns as those mentioned above.  Trader Joe’s, Kroger, Wegmans and other retailers were included in the stockpiling sales weeks ago but have seen the flow decrease since.  Social distancing regulations could be playing a factor in the downturn as well.

As stores have a reprieve from the overly busy weeks they’ve recently faced with struggling to keep the shelves stocked, this will be beneficial to the essentials being available for those who need them.

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