Red Lobster Is Offering Your Tequila With A Twist of Mountain Dew


By Cooking Panda

Soda is the key ingredient in almost every mixed drink that you can be sure is a safe bet to be delicious and easy to order at a crowded bar. Rum and Coke? Classic. Whiskey and ginger ale? Delicious. Mountain Dew and…tequila? Maybe not a well-known combination, but with Mountain Dew’s new partnership with Red Lobster, that’s about to change. 

Mountain Dew, and its parent company PepsiCo, have teamed up with Red Lobster to bring you not only Pepsi drinks but also the DEW Garita. That’s right – a margarita with Mountain Dew as a key ingredient. It’s currently unknown what exactly is in the DEW Garita, as the companies claim that it’s a top secret recipe. But, if anything, that’s just served to pique our interest even more. 

Red Lobster recommends an order of their Cheddar Bay Biscuits to pair with your DEW Garita, which frankly always sounds like a good choice, even if you’re a little unsure on the cocktail. And make sure to look out for future innovations from the PepsiCo-Red Lobster pairing – according to them, there are many exciting drink and food pairings to come, with the DEW Garita being just the beginning. 

People don’t exactly seem thrilled about the new cocktail. What are your thoughts?

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