Yucatecan Tostadas Calabacitas Fritas

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Tostadas are known in many Hispanic countries as different dishes, grilled sandwiches, tortillas among other favorite dishes that we have fallen in love with. In this recipe, we are doing them in the Yucatecan style. Yucatecan Tostadas Calabacitas Fritas recipe. 

Using half a cup of canola oil, six corn tortillas, half yellow onion, corn kernels, diced, zucchinis, diced and cored ripe tomato, Mexican oregano, or the one you have available, salt, black pepper, chopped cilantro, and some queso cotija or queso fresco. Topping this with some Yucatan style habanero sauce, which would not be required for the dish but adds a nice touch to it. You could also use some regular habanero sauce if you have at home or make some your own. 

We are going to be making this dish first with a nice pan/skillet at medium heat, pour some oil, and waiting for it to heat well. We are going to first fry our corn tortillas. (If you are not a fan of corn tortillas you could get flour tortillas, you could also pass them quickly through a dry pan but oil wouldn’t be necessary). 

We are going to cook the corn tortillas until they get gold and crispy, 2 minutes per side should be enough. Then we are going to place our gold tortillas in a baking sheet so they can dry the excess of oil and grease. Cook all the tortillas and you should have 6 nice-looking goldish corn tortillas (or flour). 

Clean the pan, choose another one, or discard the remaining oil. Now we are going to cook our vegetables, onion first, cook it nicely until they get tender and golden, then we want to add our corn and keep stirring, make sure your onion and corn are tender and have a nice color.

Next thing we want to do after cooking our corn and onions is to add the squash, ripped tomato and oregano, keep stirring and make sure they don’t burn, your fire should be at medium at this point. Once your vegetables are nice and well cooked. Add some salt and pepper and add the chopped cilantro. 

Stir everything together so it absorbs the flavor of the other ingredients and is tender and golden. 

Using a spoon pour the vegetable mix on top of the fried tortillas, top it with some cheese and add some habanero sauce on the sauce for dipping. 

This is a nice recipe, it’s light and only uses vegetable and fresh ingredients, prepare this when trying to keep a low consumption of meat. The dish has a nice combination of flavors and the squash will get all tasty from all the ingredients we added to it. 

A bite of it and you will get this sense of Hispanic traditional dish in your mouth. Definitely worth the trial. It’s a famous dish in the state of Yucatan, Mexico. And you can make your own version following the recipe above. 

Enjoy this crunchy Yucatecan Tostadas Calabacitas Fritas. Tasty squash salsa that not only you can use with tortillas, but over everything.

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