Vegan Falafel Fritters

Credits: Jamie Oliver

It is one thing for a dish to be delicious; it is another for it to be nutritious (whoa rhymes, that was totally unintentional). If you cherish your nutrition, you should try this dish because it is rich in protein, dietary fiber, calcium, iron, vitamins, etc. Falafel fritters triumphs wherever a non-vegan dish is on the menu – yeah, that’s how good it is. Now, we’re talking about the real falafel; homemade, not the one that comes in packs. 

This Middle Eastern dish is made from chickpeas mixed with other rich ingredients that are fried to make it crispy and then served with a hummus side. This recipe is a simple approach to making the best vegan falafel fritters.

What are you waiting for? Make this dish and enjoy immense flavors!

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