Triple Berry Pie

Credits: Lauren

If a recipe ever made you want to step back in time to the 60’s, it’s this one. You will want to put on your favorite, perfectly pressed day dress and wrap your cheerful apron around your waist.  Don’t skimp on your beautifully arranged curls and sparkling smile! Do you happen to have a retro kitchen for the ultimate effect? 

The deep, rich color of the simmering berries are the nightmare of all things white.  But the taste? Worth the risk…but just change your clothes instead.

This is the kind of pie that raises the head of passersby.  The aroma wafts through the air, compelling unmet neighbors to mosey over in your direction.  No need to worry about awkward introductions. The smell of baking berries will be your guide.

This particular recipe has some added perks.  It calls for less sugar than most berry pies. If you are short on time the actual day you want to serve it, you can prepare the pie a day in advance.  This works well for times when you are having guests, or when you are short on time due to a long day away from home. The filling and completed (baked) pie can both be stored in the freezer for up to three months.

The recipe instructions are very detailed, from preparing the berries, proper cooling times, and how to make your lattice pie crust.  That is, if your retro day dress and cheerful apron didn’t transfer their superpowers properly.

No matter.  The pie is a taste of homemade, deliciousness, and comfort.

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