Strawberry Brownies

Credits: The Recipe Critic

These pink treats are special brownies but without chocolate in them, crazy right? Instead of using strawberry cake mix, we are going to pull the color and flavor with fresh strawberries. How do you ask? Well, using strawberry puree we are going to add not just color but flavor to these pink treats. In case you are looking for an easy to make the recipe, but maybe you or someone in your family doesn’t eat chocolate; you should give this recipe a try and the best thing is you won’t be using any artificial flavoring. 

We will use strawberries, a vanilla cake mix (and required ingredients for this mix), powdered sugar, and milk. Prepare the oven and a 9×9 pan for our pink treats. If you are looking for a more intense flavor, you could replace the vanilla mix with a strawberry mix on top of the strawberry puree.

Start with washing and cutting our strawberries nice and small, make sure they are dry as we want to avoid any extra moisture in our mix. Then we are going to smash our berries and get that nice and smooth puree. Strain the puree to leave any seeds behind. Once we have the seedless puree we are going to mix it with the cake mix. Then we are going to take our dough and spread it in the greased pan, you can use your hands or a spatula to make sure it is nice and even. Bake it for 30 minutes or until it is set and has no jiggles. Once ready and out of the oven you want to mix the powdered sugar and milk on top of your brownies as a nice glaze, then let it cool in the fridge for 2 hours before serving. 

These are great for birthday party treats, baby showers, or any other festivity. Nice replacement for those trying to avoid chocolate and for a nice touch of color to your table. 


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