Southwestern Caprese Bites

Credits: The Stay At Home Chef

Caprese Bites are fun and ideal appetizer for your party. You can decide to make this favorite recipe vegetarian friendly or add a bolder bite by adding cooked bacon. You can customize these bites for your friends, loved ones, and family.

To prepare this recipe, get fresh mini mozzarella balls, bocconcini, extra virgin olive oil, red pepper flakes, chili powder, ground cumin, garlic powder, fresh basil, bell pepper, grape or cherry tomatoes, and cooked bacon. If you use yellow tomatoes, it will give your dish a great pop of color; using red tomatoes gives it a classic look. You can buy your mozzarella balls from most grocery stores. They are always in an air-sealed bag. Fresh mozzarella is generally located in a different section than bricks of mozzarella cheese and shredded cheese. Assemble the bites by using a toothpick to skewer a tomato, basil leaf, roasted red bell pepper, bacon, and mozzarella ball.

Enjoy your Southwestern Caprese Bites!

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