Six-minute Seared Ahi Tuna Steaks

Credits: Bowl of delicious

Six minutes to cook, flavourful, and medium rare ahi tuna steaks are going to be your next favorite thing to eat after you try this recipe. Accompany them with rice and beans, salad dressing, or over a bed of greens. You choose how to eat this, It is so tasty and versatile it can work with everything you throw at it or placed it on. 

Easy to make, not only can it be done in less than 30 minutes you can have this recipe ready to eat, dinner, lunch, or late Sunday lunch, in less than 6 minutes.  Fast and tasty recipe. 

Not only is it fast to make and tasty, but it’s also a healthy recipe, so tender that it will melt in your mouth. 

We are using ahi tuna, which is a type of tuna that comes in two species, yellowfin, and bigeye. Which is cheaper than bluefin tuna, similar flavor, and texture. It’s usually in the frozen area and can be easily found in grocery stores. 

Tuna at differently than other fish like salmon isn’t expensive, it’s cheap and you can make big meals with it while spending less. So next time you looking for affordable fish to make a tasty dish, don’t think it twice, tuna is your go-to guy. Remember that tuna is also high in omega 3 and vitamin B12, really good for your health. 

Why choose seared tuna steak instead of canned? It has a completely different flavor than the canned tuna we are so used to, it doesn’t fall apart like other types of fish. Also, you can find seared ahi tuna medium-rare, seared just on the outside while raw inside. 

Raw fish, more like sushi. Yeah, you can choose to cook your ahi tuna to a well done or medium-term if you don’t like the taste of raw fish, but medium-rare tuna steaks are usually served like that.  While keeping in mind, fully cooked tuna tend to be dry, and medium-rare will be crisp in the outside and tender in the inside. Which enhances the flavor as the texture will be so soft and crisp. 

As it is medium-rare the tuna will be done in less than usual, simply marinate it with soy sauce, salt, pepper, and cayenne or paprika if you like that extra heat. Let it marinate overnight, for a more favorable finish. 

Cooking day, all you need is to let it cook for 2 minutes on each side, a nonstick and searing hot pan will be better, making sure your fish doesn’t stick when you cook it. 

Slice it and your seared ahi tuna is ready to served with still 2 minutes to go, place it on top of a nice bowl of rice, or with some greens if you are looking for a lighter meal. But this goes well with anything. 

Also, you can make this for a poke bowl, avocado toast, or anything else you can think of. Get creative and eat it however you prefer, enjoy this ahi seared tuna in less than 6 minutes.

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