Oven Falafel with Buckwheat Wraps

Credits: Anita Healthy

These falafel balls are full of flavor and can be eaten with anything, making them perfect for picky eaters. This earthy recipe is good for our body because it uses fresh ingredients and has a nice amount of vitamins. In this recipe, we will eat them in a wrap to get a portable experience.
Falafel is that it is not as hard as you think it is, and making them in the oven will save time. You could fry them. However, this will add extra calories to the meal, but sometimes we need some deep-fried food.

We need to let the chickpeas soak in water for at least eight hours, so keep that in mind while meal planning.
The falafel in this recipe is wrapped in buckwheat flatbread and topped with creamy sauce. Have a bite, and enjoy an excellent, easy-to-prep, and fully nutritious meal.

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